New JATP Website Up and Running

April 21, 2010

The new Jefferson Area Tea Party Website is up and running. All up dates for the tea party will now be posted there. Please bookmark the new address so you can keep up to date with area tea party happenings.

2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party

April 9, 2010

You are invited to the Jefferson Area Tea Party’s second annual Tax Day Tea Party on Thursday, April 15, 2010. We’ve planned a great event, and have allotted plenty of time to hear from you! Here the schedule of events:

Main U.S. Post Office Facility (1155 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA), 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Golden Corral Steakhouse (1185 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA) , 6:00-7:30 p.m.

At the afternoon event at the U. S. Post Office, you and hundreds of Tea Party Patriots will recognize that we are Taxed Enough Already-– how appropriate on Tax Day! Several speakers will speak to patriotic, Constitutional, and pro-American themes. Participants including you will be given the opportunity to speak at the event to express your personal opinions on the direction of our country.

You are encouraged to bring signs expressing your views on the current state of the union (please ensure they are appropriate for public display). And to make it worth your effort, judges will select the best signs in several categories!

At our evening event, Patriots are invited to a Dutch treat dinner at the Golden Corral Steakhouse. Additional speakers will share their perspectives, and the sign contest winners will be announced.

You are encouraged NOT to park at the post office facility, but rather in the far / remote lot of the Golden Corral Steakhouse, which is a short walk to the post office facility.

Tell a friend
Bring someone
Be a Patriot!

Tea Party vs Coffee Party

April 8, 2010

Recently on the Rob Schilling Show Carole Thorpe Chairperson of the Jefferson Area Tea Party appeared in studio and Eric Byler (co-founder of the Coffee Party) called in to the show. They discussed their personal political journeys, the principles of the organizations, the size and scope of the Federal government, the issue of civility, and more. Here is a link to a pod cast of the conversation,

Vandalism at Perriello’s a Repulsive Act – Should be Punished to Fullest Extent of the Law

March 24, 2010

The Jefferson Area Tea Party is shocked to learn of the gas line incident at the home of Congressman Tom Perriello’s brother, and relieved to know that no one was hurt as a result.

We sincerely hope that the perpetrator of this repulsive act is apprehended quickly and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Pending the results of the FBI investigation, we ask the public to not jump to conclusions that the perpetrator is a tea party participant.

The Jefferson Area Tea Party is proud of its record of peaceful and respectful rallies, forums, and events. We encourage our members to conduct their political discourse in the public forum in a passionate, but civil manner.

Kill The Bill

March 19, 2010

Bus to DC leaving Target Hollymeade Town Center
Tomorrow, Saturday March 20th at 8:45 AM sharp. Boarding begins at 8:30 AM

Rally at the Capital scheduled for 12 to 2 PM. They are trying to gather 50,000 patriots to send a message to our so called representatives who have continued to ignore our Constitution.

There is no cost for the bus they are just asking for donations for the drivers tip.

If you are able to make the trip contact Rita Grace at:

Let’s fill this bus and send a message that cannot be ignored.

Tom Perriello Finally Speaks the Truth

March 18, 2010

Bus To DC

March 15, 2010


Come in to the Halls of Congress to kill the obamacare bill.

Let’s join hands in reaching out to our email lists, call and organize a bus load or loads if able.

Every day counts, beginning today to hit the House. Let them know state sovereignty rights are being established in 38 states that have introduced resolutions to reaffirm the principles of delegated powers under the Constitution and the 10th Amendment. Health Care Protection Acts have already passed in 7 states: AL, AZ, KS, SC, UT, VA & WY! Ready to Roll. Let’s move those buses; make a lot of noise in DC and around the country for those who fight this from home states! Let them know we are coming to the Hill to Kill the Bill! Every morning each legislator on Capitol Hill reads his or her Press clip-file. Write articles and letters to the editor naming each Blue Dog. With a focus on the House, our voices will be heard.

Time: March 16, 2010 from 12pm to 12:15pm
Location: Your US Representatives local office
Event Type: drive by rally
Organized By: Americans for Prosperity

Take part in the “Honk Against the Health Care Takeover” event on March 16 at 12 noon: drive to your nearest congressional district office and drive around the office for at least 15 minutes occasionally honking your horn. Our goal is to have Americans across the nation telling the politicians to keep their hands off our health care through this “Honk Against the Health Care Takeover” effort.

Ken Cuccinelli Please don’t forget to contact your legislators and ask them to vote against the current healthcare bill! It looks like it’s going to be a close vote and our representatives here in Virginia could make the difference. (Facebook)

CODE RED Bus Departs March 16 Tuesday 7 AM from 312 Connor Dr. Charlottesville, 22911 Target lot

Meet with Congressman Perriello. Join others in an effort to shut down unconstitutional government take over of healthcare. Be there. Send a friend. Thank you. Bus leaves DC Capitol at 3:30 PM with a return to Charlottesville Target Parking lot by around 6:30 PM. Make a difference!
Every effort counts! God Bless you and our freedom! Rita Grace C# 540-270-9559 or Steve Peters @

Final Days to Reserve Spot at Ladies Tea

March 1, 2010

A Patriot Ladies Tea Party

To benefit the Jefferson Area Tea Party
Hosted by Carole Thorpe

Sunday, March 7 at the English Inn from 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
(on Route 29 in Charlottesville behind Bodo’s)

Reservations for the Patriot Ladies Tea Party need to be in by Thursday March 4th by noon. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to get together with other conservative ladies.

Place your reservations here:

Patriot Ladies Tea Party

February 22, 2010

A Patriot Ladies Tea Party

To benefit the Jefferson Area Tea Party
Hosted by Carole Thorpe

Sunday, March 7 at the English Inn from 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
(on Route 29 in Charlottesville behind Bodo’s)


You are cordially invited to attend an afternoon ladies-only tea party in the lovely Windsor room of the English Inn with special guest and keynote speaker Kate Obenshain. She is the vice-president of Young America’s Foundation and a conservative political commentator who regularly appears on the Fox News Channel. Kate is also a native Virginian and UVA graduate who served as the first female chairperson of the Virginia GOP from 2003 to 2006.

In addition, there will be readings of patriotic writings and poetry, and live music performed by vocalists Kristen Gleason and Carole Thorpe, accompanied by Audrey Goldsmith.

Tea, finger sandwiches, and sweets prepared by Simply Delicious Catering will be served and are inclusive in the price of admission.

Guests are encouraged but not required to dress in tea-time attire and finery!


Reservations may be made via e-mail to
by sending your name, phone number, and the type and number of seats requested.
You will receive confirmation.

Admission may be paid by personal check or cash only at the door.

Seating is limited so please make your reservation soon!


Gallery table

$35.00 per seat for adult ladies
$25.00 per seat for young ladies aged 12 through 17 when accompanied by an adult

Preferred table

$50.00 per seat for adult ladies
$40.00 per seat for young ladies aged 12 through 17 when accompanied by an adult
(3 tables, 12 seats only)

Premium table

$100.00 per seat
Includes seating next to the Keynote Table and a
private “Meet and Greet” with Kate Obenshain at 2:00 PM
(1 table, 4 seats only)

Keynote table

$150.00 per seat
Includes seating at the Keynote Table and a
private “Meet and Greet” with Kate Obenshain at 2:00 PM
(1 table, 3 seats only)

Come and join us for this gracious event and support the Jefferson Area Tea Party!

The TEA Party Perspective: “The Lump Report”

February 11, 2010

by VA5th District TEA Party Leadership,

Compiled by Nigel Coleman, Bill Hay, Mark Lloyd, et al.

For the past several weeks there has been a growing concern among TEA Party Patriots of the VA5th Congressional District, as well as across the nation, that so many candidates are crowding the field that the body of conservative voters will be fractured. This would allow the progressive big government socialists presently infesting congress, such as lil’ Tommy Boy Pelosi-ello to be re-elected. Nothing short of this fracturing will derail the American people from saving our Republic.

After weeks of first hand observations, long conversations, deep deliberations, and gut checks, TEA Party leaders have come together to offer the official “TEA Party Perspective” of the GOP congressional nomination race in VA5. This evaluation is as fair and objective as we could make it. The intention of this evaluation is to clear up the rumors and claims being made by the media, candidates, and campaign staffers based on spin and political positioning. We, TEA Party leaders, will come together on a regular basis to offer our TEA Party Perspective and it will be published as “The Lump Report.”

In a Monday night conference call TEA Party leaders graded the Virginia 5th District Republican candidates according to their apparent campaign capabilities. Some of the areas taken into consideration were the ability to raise money, generate grassroot support, and the critically important alignment of political views with the majority of TEA Party patriots. Let us once again clarify to the media, and other supporters of the progressive agenda, the fundamental views of the “TEA Party” movement are (1) limited government, (2) fiscal responsibility, (3) free and fair markets, (4) individual liberty base on personal responsibility, and (5) a return to constitutional governance.

Each of these candidates has a seat at the TEA Party table, and have earned some lumps for their campaign “cup of tea.” The more lumps the sweeter the tea. Our deliberations provide the following evaluation (0-5 Lumps):

Ron Ferrin has apparently raised no money, nor has he reported spending any money. He has generated a smidgen of detectable grassroots support among TEA Party members. Those that know him like him, but, not too many of those folks to date. Those who have spoken with him report that his message will resonate. Mr. Ferrin needs to get to work, get in touch with the people, get some cash, and build a campaign, or reconsider his run.

1/2 a lump.

Ken Boyd has support in Albermarle county, none detectable anywhere else. However, he has shown ability to raise some cash. Mr. Boyd has not shown much interest in engaging the TEA Party, and it is reported he referred to TEA Party patriots as “TEA Baggers” in a GOP unit forum within the past several weeks. Perhaps Mr. Boyd did not realize this phrase derogatory to members of the movement. If he is not interested in us, then we will certainly not be interested in him. He has some work to do. However, we are early in the campaign.

1 Lump

Jim McKelvey was just a name on a list until he put up $500K of his own cash, which is impressive by any standard. However, only reports $1200 in contributions. Within the last couple weeks he has assembled a campaign staff, and increased the number of appearances. Those very few that know him do report that is message seems to resonate, but it is still rough in the delivery. However, TEA Party members to date are still asking “Who is this guy?” Until more is observed about Mr. McKelvey we are not rating him. He just arrived to the party, and the hot water is only now being poured into his cup.

NO lumps just yet

Feda Morton has passion to loan; however, the money issue is of great concern in that she reports “negfinity” (a new term coined Monday on our conference call). Reports of debt are concerning. Her message is passionate and in line with most TEA Party members. Those that know her like her, and she seems to be gaining widespread grassroots support, but we still wonder about the depth of that support, or if it will begin to generate money to get her out of the hole. The efforts she has put into her campaign in reaching out to TEA Party folk is noticed and appreciated.

2 Lumps

Laurence Verga gets a big boost for being actively involved in the TEA Party movement before declaring his run. He has deep support within the movement. He speaks the TEA Party language and has an functional campaign organization. He has raised some money, and has put much of his own up to fund his campaign. It appears he has real potential to carry through and be competitive.

3.5 Lumps

Mike McPadden is running a very good grassroots campaign. His message is definitely resonating with TEA Party Patriots, it is consistent and on target. He presents himself very well and his military service is admired. When he speaks people pay attention. He and his campaign are reaching out and connecting with the people of VA5. The financial question is concerning. This can be turned around, but it needs to be done sooner rather than later. Mr. McPadden is a contender.

3 Lumps

Robert Hurt
has grassroots support among TEA Partiers on the southside, but nearly none detected anywhere else. He is the GOP establishment candidate in the eyes of most TEA Partiers of the district. This is a burden to him among members who are not from his hometown. His cash collection is impressive, although much of it appears to be coming from GOP establishment types outside the district. His campaign has gotten off to a well documented rocky start with the TEA Party and the questions about his General Assembly votes are still unanswered in the minds of many .

1 1/2 Lumps.

This assessment has the potential to change. It is our sincere hope that the candidates and their campaign staff will seriously consider our “TEA Party Perspective” and adjust accordingly.