Republicans:Grow A Pair Or Get Out!

Rush Limbaugh’s speech to CPAC Saturday really inspired me as I am sure it did for many others, except for some Republican politicians in Washington. I don’t know what happens to supposed conservatives once they get inside the beltway? They are afraid of their own shadow, they can’t be honest and say; “I believe that President Obama’s policies are bad for the country and I don’t want them to work.”

Instead they will announce to anyone listening that; “I don’t want the President to Fail.” Now either you think his policies are bad or you don’t. If they are bad policies and you truly believe they will harm our country why can’t you come out and say so? Sure when his economic policies fail we as a country will have to tough it out a little longer and things will have to be done the right way. By giving tacit support to his policies now you are helping the Democrats to enslave the American people with bigger government that just maybe we will not be able to break free from.

I am tired of sending these so called conservatives to Washington and then they turn out to be no better then their counter parts across the aisle. Over the weekend we had Michael Steele and then Eric Cantor admit that they want Obama to succeed. I consider Obama and his policies to be the same and I hope they fail miserably. I don’t want state sponsored health care, if I did I would move to Canada. I am not rich but I don’t want to see the wealthy taxed more, after all they pay our salaries and hopefully I will be in their shoes in the future. I want to see businesses grow so more jobs will become available. I don’t want to pay higher energy costs so the global warming crowd can be appeased. In other words I want Obama to fail and end up in the unemployment line in four years.

If the Republicans in Washington don’t feel the same way then we need to replace them along with the Democrats. Either that or find a new party to support.



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