You Can Make A Difference!

Don’t Like What is happening to your Country ?

You can make a difference!

Join the Patriotic Resistance!

On behalf of the 57 million Americans who did not vote for President Obama and do not agree with this leftist ideology, we announced our resistance to Obama’s efforts to move our nation away from our heritage of individual liberties toward a “brave new world” of collectivism. We will not roll over — we will resist.

A Patriotic Resistance

First, we will maintain our patriotism. This is our nation. We love and cherish our country. Many of us bleed “red, white and blue.” We will not act like our opponents who heaped personal attack after personal attack on President George W. Bush and demonized the man. In fact, we will strive to show respect to President Obama and focus our criticisms and resistance on issues that impact our nation.

A Resilient Resistance

Second, we will be resilient. From Day One, we will be there, watching every move, monitoring every action. We will not be chided into silence by the personal attacks on conservatives, our leaders or our motives. We will stand for principle. And we will not back down.

A Conservative Resistance

Third, this will be a Conservative Resistance. Our resistance will not be partisan, it will be ideological. The real political struggle underway is one of a clash of worldviews—collective liberalism and freedom-based conservatism. We are not here to fight for the Republican Party to take over once again – certainly not the Republican Party that failed so miserably on so many fronts in recent years. We will resist on the basis of ideas alone, not political games. We have been stripped of our political authority which actually frees us to stand on principle first and foremost.

For More Info Go To:

Patriotic Resistance


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