Charlottesville Tea Party Update

Tentative time for the C’ville Party is 3 to 5 PM Wednesday April 15th on the Downtown Mall by the Pavilion. Any questions can be emailed to

Patriotic Resistance


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11 Responses to “Charlottesville Tea Party Update”

  1. Mark Says:

    My taxes will be paid on the 15th, but I’ll have to keep earning for those who don’t. Please extend the party hours past the close of business at 5:00. Would love to attend.

  2. blueridgeguy Says:

    There is a good possibility that that may happen.

    • Bradley S. Rees Says:

      Mark and BlueRidge,
      I will be attending as well, but would like to see the hours extended past 5. Having been to the February 27th teaparty in DC (and also running for the 5th District Congressional seat in 2010), I think it is high time that we stand up for individualism and proper representation in Washington. For too long, our elected officials, on all levels, have treated us as their subjects, rather than their masters as we rightfully are. It is time for ordinary citizens to get involved and mobilize. Too many people have become apathetic, saying things like “I don’t get wrapped up in politics.” I say, if we don’t, politics will continue to wrap US up in IT. Think of an anaconda, and you’ll get the picture.
      Political parties are secondary, at this point. This is an ideological struggle. Sovereign individuals striving for liberty vs. the “soft tyranny” of statism. As a wise man once said, “When the government’s boot is on your neck, it matters not whether it is the right boot or the left.”
      Carry on, Patriots!

  3. BW Says:

    I’m there! Get a Facebook group going so we can spread the word! Good on ya for organizing this! Was wondering if anyone in Hooville was going to make this happen.

  4. Linda S Says:

    Can hardly wait to make a statement and let the liberals know that individuals are in control – not the Feds. Hope thousands attend.

    • Dora Nelson Says:

      We need to keep in mind that this is not about political parties. There are people from all political spectrums that are upset about our govenment not listening to the people who put them in Washington. We (all of us) need to work together to make them understand that we the voters will no longer tolerate them ignoring us and peacefully we will ALL let them know by our co-operation with one another. Hope we have a great turn out!

  5. Dora Nelson Says:

    Please, all who are coming, let’s be peaceful. This is about letting the government know that we want them to follow the constitution. So please be peaceful and DO NOT give in to the protesters that will more then likely show up to make you and me look bad. Everyone, no matter the political party, needs to be concerned about how Washington is being run. Let’s let them know that in a mature manner, not like 8th graders! See y’all there!!!

  6. joel bailey Says:

    I look forward to standing alongside other Americans who are dismayed with the direction of our country. I hope there will be a large turn out for this event, which in turn will send a strong message to those who dictate our childrens future. I have been waiting a long time to finally see a wake up call, to little to late? The success in the Gulf of Yemen should unite us all the more, with a sense of pride and purpose.

  7. Paolo S Says:


    So how’s that “HOPE” and “CHANGE” working our for you?

  8. David M Says:

    I’ll be coming, and I appreciate very much the people who organized this event, and of course I will be peaceful, but I take exception to Dora’s comment.

    The original tea party, and the subsequent revolution, was violent. The government uses the threat of great violence to confiscate our property through taxation. Conservatives do advocate violence towards foreign invaders and terrorists, as do Libertarians. They mock weak foreign policy that is all talk and no action… and yet Dora advocates acting peacefully at this tea party. How is that any different than warning Kim Jong Il but not acting? How much do government thugs have to confiscate from you to give to GM, before you fight back, with deadly force? We praise the men and women who fought in the Revolution, and who serve in our armed forces (usually), and yet now talk as if fighting is immoral and counterproductive. Isn’t this a contradiction?

    What man, if another man threatens great violence towards his wife and children, should be told to be peaceful and not defend his family? And yet, that is what government thugs do every year. They threaten to hurt my wife, badly, and take even more of her property, if she doesn’t give them about half of what she makes in federal, state, real estate, car, cell phone, other taxes. And now the Fed govt is counterfeiting (printing) money, further taxing our savings and income. I am currently too much of a coward to buy and gun and start fighting as they did in the Revolution, but Dora’s attitude that I would be wrong to use force to defend myself and my family from having our property confiscated by thugs is… wrong, I would say.

  9. David M Says:

    Furthermore, to whom is Dora worried that we will “look bad” to? The same liberal thugs who support the massive and violent confiscation of our property? The fear of offending thugs is counterproductive. People who value liberty over tyranny will only win by leading, as Reagan did relatively well, not trying to “look good” to liberals.

    You have to understand that liberals view US non-liberal voters as their worst enemy, an enemy worse than terrorists or a pirate or a foreign invader. Unless non-liberals take the conflict just as seriously, liberals will continue to use violence (or the threat thereof) to defeat non-liberals. Unless you start seeing liberals and other tyrants as people who must be killed, if necessary, in self defense, rather than appeased, you will continue to lose freedom after freedom. And your personal property is where nearly all of your freedom is contained. You need to understand: thugs are taking your personal property, completely immorally, by force, period. Just as you wouldn’t consider rape OK just because a majority of US voters voted to make it OK, neither is confiscating your personal property by force OK.

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