Too Busy For Dissent

Over the last few weeks we have been getting much support for the Tea Party. A group of dedicated people have come together to help make this a successful event. These people are sacrificing their free time and spending their own money to make sure that we can make a statement that will be noticed by thousands. It is people like these that are willing to give something of themselves that make America great. They believe in the Constitution and what our founders stood for and want to get back to these ideals.

Having said that I am now going to say something that may piss off a few people. Over the past week I have received emails from people who for some reason or other are not happy about the timing or place of the event. It is not convenient for them, traffic is too heavy that time of day. It is midweek why not have it on a Saturday? It’s too early, why not have it later. I would like to be there but I am going to be busy.

Too busy to save your country? I am so glad that our founders weren’t too busy to fight for our freedom. I am so glad that the men and women who fought in our wars weren’t too busy to join the service and defend us. Some of the Founding Father’s sacrificed there lively hood to fight for this country’s freedom. Some even lost their businesses and faced bankruptcy because of their sacrifice.

People will ask for time off to go to a concert, a football or basketball game.These same people won’t ask to get off an hour early to make a stand for their God given rights. It is no wonder that our country is being overrun by politicians whose only desire is power and what that power can do for them. Like the proverbial frog the heat is being turned up and before we know it we will be cooked. So I have just one warning for the busy people. When you finally have the time to make a statement it just maybe too late.



7 Responses to “Too Busy For Dissent”

  1. Sara in Richmond Says:

    Dude, that is awesome!

    I stand with you brother! Speak it loudly……

  2. blueridgeguy Says:

    Some may find what I said offensive but I am truly worried what may happen to this country if people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Better for me to offend a few people then for them to find themselves enslaved by government in a few years.

  3. Carrie Says:

    I’m right there with you! Thank you for posting this. I’ve heard those comments as well, and I don’t want to come across rude, but this “Tea Party” is a political demonstration not a date with our dolls. This is serious business. While I expect to make it a family affair, bringing my husband and kids, I’m not looking at it as just “a good time” to get together, but rather an opportunity to visibly make a statement, join my fellow Americans in calling on our elected officials, our EMPLOYEES, specifically Congressman Perriello to stop the spending, stop the bailouts and consider true tax reform. Thank you for coordinating this event!

  4. Chris Says:

    The noisy left never seems to have a problem skipping class, work, etc. to go out and make themselves heard. If the rest of us remain silent and allow their voices to go unanswered, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves. The Founders knew it when they charged us with the care of the Republic.

  5. Larry Bethea Says:

    Who is busy? Gov. Thomas Nelson wasn’t busy when he was told the Redcoats had taken his home. Governor Thomas Nelson then instructed and insisted that Washington’s Artillery level his own home. He lost his home, no home owner insurance, nothing to fall back on except he paid his price for Freedom! Who is busy? I’m glad Thomas Nelson wasn’t busy during the Yorktown Campaign. So many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost everything. Are their Statesman ready to stand and sign such a document today?

  6. lisa brown Says:

    I think all the grumbling about the convenience of the time and/or place is a prime example of what is wrong with our country. A huge portion of our population has a problem with anything that they feel is to “hard” or isn’t done specifically with them in mind. Ours has definitely become a “my needs and wants are more important than anything else” society.
    I agree with the rest of you who used the examples of past patriots sacrifices to illustrate just how important it is to stand up for your principles and your values. The Constitution is being shredded before our eyes along with all of our rights! Complacency is certainly not going to do much to get those rights back or to push forward the ideals penned by our founding fathers. So…get off your butts, grab a sign, and show Washington that you’ve had ENOUGH! (By the way, we’re coming from Michigan on vacation and we are planning on being there..)

  7. James Burke Says:

    If your country is not important enough for you to deal with the minor inconvenience of standing in the weather to get your point across then we are truly in trouble. We have gone from a nation in which “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” to one which will sit back and grumble to ourselves but are unwilling to do anything about it. I find this to be a shameful state of affairs. I live an hour and a half from Charlottesville but choose to participate in these Tea Parties why would someone who lives here be unable to find the motivation for the minor inconvenience of supporting our Republic?

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