Keynote Speaker

The Jefferson Area TeaParty is proud to announce that Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger will be giving the keynote speech at the Charlottesville Tax Day Tea Party.

Secretary Eagleburger has proudly served his country for over half a century. He served as First Lieutenant in the United States Army before joining the U.S. Foreign Service. Eagleburger served in the State Department under Presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Secretary Eagleburger has a wealth of experience and we look forward to hearing his take on our current political state of affairs.

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5 Responses to “Keynote Speaker”

  1. Will Says:

    I thought we were protesting government? If so, why is there a career government bureaucrat speaking at the protest? 1/3 of the tax dollars go to foreign military adventures that he largely supports. Sorry, I just don’t understand. This whole tea party thing gets much less meaningful if it turns into a Republican rally rather than a demonstration against an oppressive US government.

  2. blueridgeguy Says:

    Secretary Eagleburger is a strong supporter of the Constitution who is not afraid to disagree with administration policy. In 2002 he publicly disagreed with President Bush’s Iraq policy. He has certainly never been a Republican shill. He along with all the other speakers will be addressing current issues facing all Americans they understand that this is not political but ideological.

  3. Will Says:

    I understand your point. I just recall Eagleburger’s speech at the Republican straw poll last Spring where he enthusiastically endorsed John McCain – this is the John McCain who ran back to Washington during the campaign to give our money to big banks.

    Also, Eagleburger disagreed primarily with Bush’s timing but not the idea of regime change in Iraq. I’ve never heard him make the case that it was unconstitutional to go to war without Congress’ Declaration. That being said, maybe he can give a good speech at the protest. Maybe he’s better on the tax issue than foreign policy – I don’t know. Nevertheless, I will be skeptical of him or anyone who has had a career in government.

  4. blueridgeguy Says:

    We should always be skeptical of anyone in office. When we lose our skepticism we will lose our freedom.

  5. Larry Says:

    I heard Sec. Eagleburger speak here in Charlottesville a number of years ago. He spoke to a group remembering Lee/Jackson Day. With Southern Re-enactors at fixed Bayonets, on his left, one Yankee Soldier on the right, and one hundred or so Civilians attending, he gave a wonderful American history story; he shared with people that were trying to rebuild Nations in Eastern Europe. He explained how Americans came together after the War Between the States and became a Great Country. Sec Eagleburger told them they could join together and build a great Country. In my humble opinion, he knows what the American Dream is and wants to pass it down to the next Generation. I for one want to hear him! Got my Raincoat!

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