Local Businesses Support Tea Party

Tony the owner of Chaps Ice Cream on the downtown mall has graciously offered his support for our Tea Party. He is helping to defray some of the costs involved in bringing this event to Charlottesville. If you are in the area stop in and have a dip of his renowned ice cream and thank him for his support.

Along with Tony, Greg Powell owner of Rivals Sports Bar & Grill has also thrown his financial support behind the Tea Party. Rivals on East Rio Road serves great food and adult beverages, a perfect place to meet after the rally, see you there.



8 Responses to “Local Businesses Support Tea Party”

  1. Jim Says:

    I’ll be there with the whole gang in tow so that makes 5 of us. The kids are having fun making signs so we’ll have plenty to share!

  2. Suzanne Owen Says:

    Neroli Spa & Apothecary will be providing complimentary chair massages and foot massages to Tea Party Participants!

    Another C’ville small business just saying NO! to ruining our economy and prosperity!

  3. leslie Says:

    Sorry to hear that Chaps and Neroli are participating in this. I guess I won’t be visiting them any more.

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      Typical liberal won’t allow anyone else to express their beliefs, and you call conservatives mean spirited. Thank God all liberals aren’t like you.

    • tim Bucktu' Says:

      Sorry to learn that that is how you respond to opposing views…does this mean I should boycott anything with a liberal leaning in the Charlottesville area? Lighten up , toots!

  4. the_irony_of_it_all Says:

    Thank you Neroli and Chaps for standing up!! You will have my business because you did! I will show up at the tea party tomorrow to fight for the freedom that gives Leslie right to voice her opposition to anyone who does not share her beliefs. My family thanks you for standing for something!

  5. Robin Says:

    Wanted to remind all of what may be an obvious “heads up” but I’ll say it anyway. I have a feeling that there will be people attending the tea parties for the sole purpose of trying to make them look bad. I think it will be important for all attending to be vigilant regarding this. Lets all work hard to keep the movement responsible and admirable!

  6. Helene rosenberg Says:

    Are we planning any follow up to the Charlottesville tea party? I thought it was just terrific. The turnout was great – especially with the cold and rain. I think it has really worried the Administration by focusing on real issues – bailouts, outrageous spending, tax increases, and now a $100 million cut on trillions of dollars in spending — How absurd. Also, the return of tarp funds seems like a nobrainer. Nevertheless, the Administration is even wondering if that is a good idea. How did we arrive at this state of affairs?

    Let me know how I can help. I think we should try to follow up with everyone who came and thank them for coming. Is someone taking this on?

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