Tea Party Guest Speakers

Speaker- Subject- Bio

Dr. Daniel Sawyer- Health Care – Johns Hopkins University undergraduate,Tufts Medical, internship and residency at New York Hospital. Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at UVa. Board Certified In Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases

John Munchmeyer- Individual Liberty-Jefferson Area Libertarians, Professional Engineer

Nick Sorrentino – Monetary System- Director of Strategy and Outreach for Open World Inc.

Del. Rob Bell- Jefferson On Taxes- 58th District State Representative Virginia House of Delegates

Matthew Thomasson – Freedom- Iraqi War Veteran

Karin Agness- Government From the Under 30 Perspective- UVA Law student, President of Network of Enlightened Women Inc.

Michael Del Rosso- American Principles- Research Fellow in National Security Policy, The Claremont Institute.

Mike Hodge- Today’s Media- Publisher Valley American

Tom Slonaker-Small Business In Today’s Political Climate- Business owner, Entrepreneur

John Taylor- Personal Liberty- Chairman Tertium Quid

Ed Stalzer- The American Dream- Author/ President Virginia Electronic Components

Ken White- Taxes-President Virginia Tax Payer Association

Keith Drake- –Founder Albemarle Truth In Taxation Alliance

Dr. Earl Taylor-The Source of Liberty and the Constitution-National Center for Constitutional Studies

Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger- U.S. Constitution- Former Secretary of State, served in the Nixon, Carter, Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations.


One Response to “Tea Party Guest Speakers”

  1. Suzanne Owen Says:

    Neroli Spa & Apothecary will be providing complimentary chair massages and foot massages to Tea Party Participants!

    Another C’ville small business just saying NO! to ruining our economy and prosperity!

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