Let Your Representatives Know!

Here are links to all the Virginia Congressmen and Senators. Go to their websites and email them to let them know that you are attending a Tax Day Tea Party and why your are doing so. Just maybe they might start paying attention. Tell them that this is just the beginning and that they better wake up and smell the coffee, I mean tea.

Virginia District #1Rep. Rob Wittman
Virginia District #2 Rep.Glenn Nye
Virginia District #3 Rep. Robert Scott
Virginia District #4 Rep. Randy Forbes
Virginia District #5 Rep. Thomas Perriello
Virginia District #6 Rep. Robert Goodlatte
Virginia District #7 Rep. Eric Cantor
Virginia District #8 Rep. James Moran
Virginia District #9 Rep. Frederick Boucher
Virginia District #10 Rep. Frank Wolf
Virginia District #11 Rep. Gerald Connolly

Virginia Senator Mark Warner
Virginia Senator Jim Webb

*Tea Party Registration Poll At Bottom Of Page*


12 Responses to “Let Your Representatives Know!”

  1. Jay Says:

    Will anyone be offering alternatives or will this simply be a protest?

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      How’s the FairTax sound? How about just cut spending? How about less regulation? How about just adhering to the Constitution? Sound like pretty good alternatives to me.

      • leslie Says:

        Didn’t less regulation get this country into the dire economic situation that it’s in now? Cut spending? Where? How about the Pentagon budget and defunding the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. If you have a really (i mean REALLY) well-thought out argument-not just some knee-jerk jingoism, we should all hear it.
        Good luck with that.

      • blueridgeguy Says:

        Our country has not had a free market system in over 100 years. Our tax code is manipulated by business and government to favor the industries that provide the biggest campaign donations. There are tens of thousands of lobbyist in D. C. whose only job is to convince legislators to provide favorable treatment to the companies they represent and you say that the market is not regulated enough. That’s just what we need, regulations not based on need but on greed. If our market had been truly free we would not be in this current mess. Besides you want a federal government that can’t run a Senate cafeteria without losing money to run one of the biggest economies in the world. Get real.

      • Larry Says:

        Excuse me Leslie, Lack of oversite by Congress, not Republican, nor Democrat, all of them! Congress; they failed us and are blaming Banks and Business. Well it seems the worse of the Banks were created by Congress Freddie, Fanny, cute names don’t you think. Congress created them and the CEO’s along with Board of Directors donated and gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to? Yeap, Congress, they took the money and went on Vacation, screamed at President Bush to even suggest any problems back in 2003. Congress Failed us and they are still Failing us.

  2. Will Says:

    Leslie, it was overwhelmingly the federal reserve that got us to where we are now. To understand this you need to understand Austrian business cycle theory. “Meltdown” by Tom Woods is a New York Times best seller right now and a good place to start along with mises.org. In fact other mainstream economist are catching on. For instance, it was a consensus among people polled by the Wall Street Journal that Greenspan was the primary cause of the housing bubble:


    Bush actually increased regulations, not the other way around. The Federal Registrar is currently at over 75,000 pages! Here’s economist Walter Williams to support:


    Perhaps the strongest reason to support an end to the federal reserve, an end to the income tax, and an end to needless regulation, is that all of these institutions trample our God given liberties. It is a simple question – if you’re not hurting anyone, should you be able to do what you wish with your person and property? The government’s answer is no. My answer is absolutely.

    And I agree 100%, we can start reducing government at the foreign policy level! There is plenty of room to cut. There’s no need to be in Italy, Germany, Korea, and Japan. More than anything else, war promotes big government. So called conservatives should realize this and stop supporting our world empire.

  3. Elux Troxl Says:

    I find this whole tea party thing pretty weird, as to my knowledge, income taxes haven’t increased lately. In fact, if you declare your stock losses for ’08, you will find that your tax obligation has decreased over the year before.

    “Austrian business cycle theory”? Where do you guys come up with these things?

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      First of all stock losses can only be declared if you actually sell them. Secondly declaring a loss to lower your tax burden does not constitute a tax cut.

    • Will Says:

      Well F.A Hayek came up with the Austrian Business Cycle Theory and he won a Nobel Prize for it in the 1970’s when Keynesian economics were largely discredited. You should read a book sometime.

  4. Will Says:

    What a tremendous success today! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who put this together. It gives me a little bit of hope for this Nation.

    • Rhonda Says:

      I thought the same. Hopefully this is the Spark that Ignites a
      Fire. It was very well organized and the speakers were
      excellent. Thanks to all who made this possible.

  5. Demaris Miller Says:

    The Tea party was a great success — huge crowd and inspiring speakers. I enjoyed reading the hundreds of clever signs. Clearly, the attendees — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, were well-informed citizens.

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