I just wanted to post a short note thanking everyone who attended the tea party. You are all true patriots that obviously love your country. You took the time to come out on a cold rainy day to show that your truly care about what is happening to the republic. Now it is up to us to keep this momentum going. Please keep watch for other events. There may be one coming up sooner then you may think. Check back in a day or two for further updates.

Again thank you and hold strong.


8 Responses to “THANK YOU!”

  1. Jason B Says:

    My family and I enjoyed the event. I was impressed by the great turnout and the civility showed by the attendees.

    I look forward to the next event.

    Keep Liberty Free!

  2. Alfred J. Burford Says:

    Happy to attend.
    I will send support money.

  3. Countrygirl Says:

    Thank you for a being a Patriot!
    You’re an inspiration to us all – God Bless you and your Family!

  4. Karen Harris Says:

    Thank you for putting together such a great event! I was thrilled to see the number of people coming out and I heard one couple had come from Fredericksburg to attend so that was just awesome.

  5. Mike W. Says:

    Attending the TEA Party was inspiring and made me proud to be an American.

  6. Don Simon Says:

    What a great way to exercise OUR God given, and Constitutionally recognized, rights to freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and petitoning of the government for redress of grievances!

    This is just the start – eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

  7. Lisa Mei Says:

    Great job Bill and the rest of the crew who organized and executed this outstanding event!! I am not from Charlottesville, but was staying at the Shenandoah Crossing Resort in Gordonsville with my family on Spring Break and was thrilled to know there was going to be a Tea Party nearby that I could attend!

    I just posted a video clip of a portion of John Taylor’s speech…

    I chose to post this one because it was one of the speeches that really got folks fired up…the other speakers were great too…especially ecouraging to me was to hear a bright, young conservative, Karen Agness, get up and speak so passionately about liberty…and our Constitution…Good for her and I hope her message will resonate with many young Americans!!

    Thanks again and God bless you…and God bless the USA!!
    Lisa Mei

  8. Lisa Mei Says:

    Let’s try this link:

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