Up Coming Events

The JATP has some great events coming up this summer. On July 4th we will be having our first annual Independence Day Celebration. It will be held in Charlottesville with the time and place to be determined by early June. We plan on having a few speakers who will be addressing subjects concerning freedom and our Forefathers dreams. We hope to have some entertainment as well as challenging games for the kids. There will be a poster contest for adults as well as information tables addressing issues of import in the coming fall elections.

Later in July we are planning to have a Health Care Panel that will address the problems that the average citizen will face if our country continues on its’ course to socialized medicine. This panel will consist of local healthcare professionals who will speak on this subject and then answer questions from the audience. We hope to entice some of our representatives from Washington and Richmond to be there. This is a very important subject and I encourage everyone to attend and learn more about how you and your children will be affected in the future.

The Jefferson Area Tea Party will be sending out monthly news letters which will have more information on these events. If you do not think that you are on our email list send an email to vateaparty@gmail.com so we can include you. Otherwise continue to check back here for further updates.


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