Stop Nationalized Healthcare Petition

The current administration is is attempting to push through nationalized health care as quickly possible before people find out the true facts. The government has trouble running other programs why would we want them to run a program equal to 15% of our GDP. (see blog entry below) Please go to the Healthcare Petition and sign to let your representatives know that you do not want socialized medicine.


12 Responses to “Stop Nationalized Healthcare Petition”

  1. Renee Micha Says:

    I do not want the government to run my health care. We have the best health care in the world!! If the government gets their hands on this it will be as well run as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

  2. Laura Strobl Says:

    DO NOT pass this Health Care Robbery! We WANT what we have now!!
    The Government is owned by the people, let it be run by the people !
    We Pay the salaries of the Government officials and we should have the LAST word. DO NOT PASS IT!!!

  3. Barbara Bolton Says:

    This is horrific to pass Obama’s health care proposal, it is a sneaky way to get nationalized care which would be ineffective and very costly,we have very good care in case you haven’t noticed, a few adjustments could be made to make it there for all who pay a little each month & sign up for preventable seminars ie,stop smoking, eat less fat & sugar, etc.etc. DO NOT pass this bill, it has nothing to do with whether you are a republican, democrat, independent, liberal, conservative or whatever!!!!!! Protect the people you were elected to protect & stop caving in to Obama’s fantacies & wild spending trip.

  4. Desperately Indebt Says:

    ALL of us are already desperately indebt thanks to Obama. It is nearly impossible to climb out of the hole that our government has already put us in. The government can’t run much simpler programs right or efficiently, so there is no chance they will run nationalized health care correctly. This would most definately be the final nail in our nation’s coffin. Good luck everyone, I we can survive the next 4 years…..

  5. Lynda Williams Says:

    Keep the government paws off our health care!!!! Why do important leaders and people desiring the best care from other countries come to the US to get treatment? The reasons are obvious to any one who has credible mental sense.

  6. steven cannadys Says:

    Please stop BIG government now.

  7. MartaD Says:

    Leave me alone!!!!! I’ll take care of my own medical needs, and if I’m broke, the system is already set up to care for my treatments. They can put a lien on my mobile home, if they want. The tax day Teaparty in San Antonio was amazing, and I truly hope the citizenry will continue to rise up in support of the Constitution.

  8. Robert Daitch Says:

    This president is clearly an indoctrinated Marxist. He, like many others in our higher institutes of education have been taught methods of control(always for the better good of course). He is clearly schooled in methods of consolidating power. He is pushing this agenda at lightening speed. He has already spent trillions of dollars putting our children and their children in dept that is incomprehensible. He used the text book all dictators use. The policy of fear and propaganda. He speaks softly, but I believe his heart and mind is dark. He knows by nationalizing our health care system he can consolidate his power. When you own people’s bodies you can use the policy of fear to your greatest advantage. He basically controls 2 branches of government(executive,house of representatives) He soon will have the supreme court. My fellow Americans, this is the perfect storm. Their will be no stopping this soft tyranny from becoming something completely contrary to what our founders intended. Do not let our constitution that so many wonderful souls fough tagainst evil and died in the name of freedom be for naught. May god’s light enter into the hearts and minds of all people that want to be free and those politicians that have been corrupted by power.Vote NO

  9. j123 Says:

    Within these blog comments I see a lot of one-liners and propaganda that which were circulated around the marketing department of CIGNA. Keep up the good work little sheep, you are making us rich.

  10. Burdette Gregory Says:

    Allow the debate concerning “health Care” reform to get a thorough in Congress. I do not support a health care system that is controlled by the federal government.

  11. Thomas Paign Says:

    King George Obama and the Health Care Tories
    (A Call to Arms, Legs, Heads, and Hearts)
    By Thomas Paign

    The President and his loyalists in the Congress are trying to force a new threat to our Liberty upon us. Universal Health Care is being sold as progressive, high minded, and beneficial to all. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While I do believe that some of the loyalists have good, but misguided intentions; the real goal of King George Obama and his Tory leadership is simple, yet hidden from view. Their real goal is to create a new bureaucracy to reward and employ their minions, and to ensure their total control of the government for as long as we can foresee.

    Does King George Obama really care about the little people? The disenfranchised? Those without adequate health care? A look at recent political events in his home state of Illinois offers clues to the answer. The State of Illinois cannot pay its own bills, however it recently passed an enormous Capital Spending bill which relies upon borrowing even more money and legalizing video poker to finance the Capital Bill’s obligations. The State of Illinois cannot pay its own bills, yet the Capital Bill is loaded with lavish rewards for politically connected organizations. The State of Illinois cannot pay its own bills, yet the Capital Bill is not limited solely to needed infrastructure items like road repairs and school construction. This is Chicago Politics as usual, and as usual, the little people, along with the rest of the citizens of Illinois, are being led down the road to hell.

    Who will be dumping their income into the video poker machines, across the State of Illinois, to pay for this mess? Those that can least afford it. Those that are presently buying groceries with food stamps. Those that rely upon their political slave masters for their subsistence and shelter. The Illinois politicians fully understand and are relying upon this. Do you really think that the politicians truly care about the little people, the disenfranchised, and those without health care? Or are these voters simply a means for attaining power, luxury, and position?

    The same people who want government controlled health care are also proclaiming “the age of small, limited government is over!” They say this as if it were universally agreed to. They say this to justify their desire to feed and grow the leviathan known as the United States Government.

    This is our call to arms, legs, heads and hearts. Our arms must make and carry signs, wherever and whenever we can, to interrupt their staged events and town hall meetings. Our legs must support us as we stand up for our rights as individuals. Our legs must carry us to wherever the Health Care Tories appear, as they try to sell their ambitions to the masses. Our heads must be clear and focused upon the defeat of their efforts. Our voices and letters must convey the danger that King George Obama’s agenda represents. Our hearts must guide us with courage, love for liberty, and the respect for all of those that fought similar battles for freedom before ours.

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