First Annual Independence Day Celebration and Tea Party

It’s official! The Jefferson Area Tea Party will be hosting their next major event on July 4th at Jackson Park on East Jefferson Street in Charlottesville. The rally will begin at 1 PM and continue until 3 PM. We are in the process of scheduling a short slate of speakers which will be announced in the coming weeks. We will also have some entertainment, Lisa Mei Norton singer song writer will be performing her song “A Revolution’s Brewing” as well as some of her other songs. There will be activities for the younger generation as well. We will also have information tables and announcements of several upcoming events. We are attempting to bring in a couple of food vendors but feel free to bring your own refreshments. The JATP has had t-shirts printed and will be making them available at the rally for a $15 donation. They are great looking navy blue T’s with the TJ logo on the front and Jefferson Area Tea Party, We The People on the back, printed in white.

Our plan is to celebrate our freedom and discuss ways in which we can work to maintain those freedoms. We look forward to seeing everyone there. More information will be posted as it becomes available. There is a link to a map showing the location of the park in the right hand column.


5 Responses to “First Annual Independence Day Celebration and Tea Party”

  1. Robyn Says:

    We will be traveling to Amherst for the holiday to visit my husband’s family. We plan to attend your TEA party since we won’t be able to go to local TEA party. My mother-in-law wants to come too. So, it’ll be a family event. 😉

  2. Ceara Sullivan Says:

    we’ll be there with bells on. The last one was great, but too long given the weather.

    Keeping this one to two hours is a good idea!

  3. Park? Says:

    You may want to give a list of places people can park, and more detailed directions. People coming from a distance away won’t know CVille, and the sometimes difficult parking situation downtown.

  4. Doug Deats Says:

    We will be there! Sic Semper Tyrannis

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