July4th Update!

The Independence Day Celebration and Tea Party is just a week away. We have scheduled seven speakers who will be covering a variety of issues from health care to how to become more politically active. Cynthia Murray will be opening up the event with the singing of our National Anthem; Meredith Blankenstein will be closing the rally with God Bless America. Lisa Mei Norton will give everyone a short break from the speeches with some of her own music celebrating the Tea Party Movement. We will be offering homemade ice cream from Chaps, Vocelli’s Pizza will be selling pizza by the slice as well as drinks, there will be a hotdog vendor selling dogs, chips and drinks however feel free to bring your own refreshments if you so desire. Remember to bring a chair or blanket to sit on.

There is some on street parking in the area but there are two parking garages and two parking lots within several blocks. The closest garage is one block away on the corner of East Market Street and 5th St. NE, from here go north on 5th St. one block and that will take you to E. Jefferson St and the park is to your left. The other garage and parking lots are on East Water Street, from these locations take 3rd St north three blocks and take a right on E. Jefferson and the park is one block east.See map

Don’t forget we are having a poster contest for the adults and a Passport to History challenge for the kids. We hope this event will be a learning experience for everyone and a chance to celebrate our hard fought freedoms. Don’t forget to register below as to whether you will be attending or not.


One Response to “July4th Update!”

  1. Chaplain Doug Says:

    I attended the “tea party” on July 4 and thank you for providing this opportunity to my family and me. I have only one critical comment. I wish that before those who speak continue to use “Lincoln” as an example of what we want to emulate, that they would do at least a cursory reading of what Lincoln did during his time in office. Lincoln was much worse that Obama, and went far beyond anything Obama has yet done. Lincoln imprisoned his own people (northerners) who dared speak out in word or print against his policies. Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus and imprisoned without charges those who opposed his policies and actions. Lincoln ordered the invasion of the Southern states and the decimation of the land, includiing the systematic abuse of men, women, and children.

    Don’t forget (PLEASE!) that the reasons for which the Southern states separated were the same as those for which the modern “tea party” movement advocates. The north, led by Lincoln, was stomping all over the Constitution and disregarding it whenever and as often as was profitable to them. Taxes were being levied punitively against the Southern agricultural industry to support an expansion of the federal government and to reward northern industries who stood behind the federal expansion.

    Lincoln was not and is not a hero of constitutional government. He was a tyrant of the first order. Please do not use him or cite him as the authority on freedom and limited government. Remember, Obama has some slick rhetotic as well, yet we know him by his actions not his words. Before you buy the rewrite of history that makes Lincoln a great “liberator” please take time to read what he really did.

    We cannot have a “tea party” that marches forward carrying revisionist propaganda that has been fed through the state schools. The books are many, please read them:

    Facts & Falsehoods Covering the War on the South, 1861-1865, by George Edmonds

    The Real Lincoln, by Charles L. C. Minor

    Lincoln Unmasked (What You’re not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe), by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

    The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda and an Unnecessary War, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

    Lincoln Takes Command; How Lincoln Got the War He Wanted, by John Shipley Tilley

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