Great Rally at Congressman Perriello’s Office

I want to send out a hearty thank you to all the people who took time out of their busy day to show that they truly care about their country. It was a great group of patriots that showed up today and it gives me so much hope that our country can be saved.

I know that if we can keep up this type of enthusiasm we can make the change reform that is needed. I am looking forward to Saturday afternoon with unbridled anticipation. This afternoon was a great warm up for the 4th and I think Saturday afternoon will be a Independence Day to remember.

See you there.


3 Responses to “Great Rally at Congressman Perriello’s Office”

  1. Maria L. Says:

    Well done, Bill! The gathering was especially important to us. We brought our 7 year old grandson, Ryan, who is visiting for 2 weeks from Tampa. We see/hear signs that he is being ‘indoctrinated’ at his school. He is going into 2nd grade. Having heard the ‘praises’ of B.H.O they taught him in 1st grade, he was curious as to why the people here were so angry. We explained the very basics. When teaching him about ‘wealth distribution’ he chimed in without missing a beat with ‘HEY! THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!’ Out of the mouths of babes. If a 7 year old ‘gets it’, Perriello’s arrogance, as well as that of other politicians of like mind, will prove to be their undoing. We are not stupid and we will not be silenced. The task that lies before us will be paved with difficulties, but there is strength in numbers. With God’s help, together we will triumph over this evil and save our sacred land of freedom. God bless you. God bless America. THANK YOU for all you do.

  2. Carole Says:

    Hi, Bill: It was a pleasure to meet you in person yesterday (versus admiring you from afar at the Tea Party 🙂 Like you, I am encouraged by the number of patriots here in Charlottesville who are keeping the pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing. I hope to make it to the Independence Day gathering tomorrow. Again, once the regular school year begins, I will have some time available to donate to the cause and I’ll be in touch closer to September. Thanks, again.

  3. Al Thompson Says:

    I’m very interested in the September Rally in D.C., but, in order to go I’ll need plenty of advance notice. Could you begin posting details now – dates and location… or whatever you’ve got. Like so many people, my schedule fills up weeks and months in advance.

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