Health Care Forum

On Monday July 20th the Jefferson Area tea Party will be sponsoring a Health Care Forum to be held at Lane Auditorium in the Alebmarle County Office building located at:
401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902

The forum will run from 7 to 9 PM and is free and open to the public. The panel will consist of four doctors and a financial advisor who will speak about the challenges faced by Americans if Nationalized Health Care becomes a reality. This is a very important subject and I would recommend letting your friends and neighbors know about this event.


14 Responses to “Health Care Forum”

  1. Rick Says:

    I’d like to find direct contact with the Jefferson Area Tea Party if possible. any chance? I have a media offering for health care discussion. thanks.

  2. Gary Helmbrecht Says:

    I just watched Obama’s press conference and I am even more confused than before. Interestingly, he made no mention of tort reform. This is no surprise since the American Trial Lawyers Association lobby played a major role in getting him elected and he knows where his bread is buttered. An inconvenient truth: The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) of the Department of Health and Human Services has estimated that a cap on noneconomic damages alone would reduce costs to the federal government by between $25 billion and $44 billion per year. He could make even a single payer government run plan budget neutral with this change alone.

  3. Gary Says:

    The director is William Hay. He can be contacted at

  4. Eric Schmitz Says:

    I was invited to attend, but was out of town. I’ve barely seen any coverage of the event. Will a summary of what was discussed, presented, who aprticipated be published? Or, is this a secret? Just seems odd to be so understated.

  5. Eric Schmitz Says:

    Hello? Anybody there?

  6. Gary Says:

    The Daily Progress did a piece on it. Here is the link:

    Copy and paste the link to the address bar and it will take you to the article. The libs had a field day with the comments – interesting read. Sorry you couldn’t make it. There was standing room only. Obviously there is a lot of interest and concern about this abomination they call health care reform.

  7. Eric Schmitz Says:


    Thanks, I saw that article. I hate to be picky, but it is not a very good summary. For example, it states that there were four doctors, a financial planner, and a national spokesperson involved — but the story only tells me who three of these folks were, and a few selected quotes. I realize that the DP has limited space, and other constraints, but it seems reasonable that the sponsoring organization(s) would have some interest in providing more detail and depth — on this website? — if the idea is to share information and set forth the issues.

    Yes, there is a lot of concern. I wish there were opportunities to share that concern and at the same time build some consensus on how to tackle real issues. Any thought in hosting a grass-roots workshop type event, where the basics of our existing system are laid out — problem areas highlighted — successes identified (eg., things that are good, not just bad, that we’d want to keep)? Some brainstorming.

    Just a thought. In an area like Charlottesville/Albemarle, we have a lot of talent. We may not be able to solve all of the world problems, but I do think that kind of opportunity may be more productive in the long run.

    I agree that the current bill being considered is seriously flawed. I am just thinking that being proactive, rather than reactive, is a better course.


  8. Gary Helmbrecht Says:

    I agree that there should have been more posted on this website. I wrote an op ed summarizing my contribution to the forum and asked the director of this site to post it but got no response. Instead, it was posted at Rob Schilling’s site. Here is the link:

    Just copy and past it in the address bar. I don’t know if people realize how close we are to seeing the destruction of the finest health care system in the world. It boggles my mind how the special interests are going to drive the whole system in the ground and America is just standing by and watching. I am doing a weekly piece on the Schilling Show to talk about it. Let me know if you have any other ideas. We have the month of August to beat this thing. Once Congress reconvenes in September, we are through.


  9. Eric Schmitz Says:


    I saw your contribution in the DP. I though that much of it is well-written, though I am uncertain in regards to some of the assertions and/or facts presented. Don’t take my skepticism as personal — part of the fact-finding process for me is sorting the wheat from the chaff, and a handful of things don’t jive for me. That said, I value your contribution to the conversation, and your calm reasoning — much more so than some of the hoopla and hysteria.

    A most interesting contrast for me is the completely different tone, and depth of perspective, often on display in the “Schilling Show”, that is “blown”, in my humble opinion, by the snarkiness of the website. Perhaps its just a personal pet peeve of mine, when folks go out of their way to behave badly — on the other hand, it tends not to lend to one’s credibility or effectiveness.

    I disagree that America is just standing by and watching. More like screaming and belittling one another; the food fight is not only unbecoming, but scarcely allows real good ideas to be heard.

    I try to be optimistic. I am counting on a wake up call, pulling legislators back from the current track of mutual self-destruction. It is not just healthcare that is getting trashed in the name of reform and change.

    Perhaps a more reasoned, thoughtful, comprehensive approach is yet possible.

    Again, thanks.

    Anyone else want to clue me in as to what else was presented, and by whom? Or am I asking too much in exchange for my serious, wholehearted participation?

    Mr. Hay?

  10. Eric Schmitz Says:

    Is it possible that the “owner” of this site is too busy to answer my question? Oh well. I guess that I will file it under the “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it” file as a non-event. Pity.

  11. Gary Says:

    I am not the webmaster here but I think that everyone is so busy with the town hall meetings and all else going on that the people who are supposed to follow this site have just let it fall. Let’s face it, this site doesn’t get much traffic. What are you looking for. Are you interested in getting involved? If so, I can get you info in the next meeting and/or event. Let me know.

  12. Eric Schmitz Says:

    I was looking for information on that forum, nothing more than that. I was invited to attend, could not attend, and frankly, I’ve lost interest — apparently the rest of what happened was not important — content-wise? The importance is the “show”. I am getting it.

    • Gary Helmbrecht Says:

      Please…..The importance is not the show. May I respectfully submit that the importance is that we do all we can to prevent a government take over of health care. Lot’s of people are working hard in this community as well as communities all around the country to stop this train before it runs off the track. This is a rapidly moving debate and the forum is “old news”.

  13. Sandy Says:

    I attended the July 4th event in Charlottesville. I believe there were approximately 1,000-1,300 people in attendence. I have no doubt that there were many talented people who attended, who may be willing to update this site more rapidly when these events occur, and, to stay abrest of the current healthcare debate with writing or even just linking articles or videos. I’m sure Mr. Hay is very busy, and no doubt has a full schedule. So far, only articles written by Mr. Hay have been posted on this site. Therefore-

    Mr. Hay, may I suggest that you assign some trusted individuals to also have the ability to post articles and/or videos to this site. I heard you talking about this site on the Joe Thomas morning show. You mentioned that there was a little uptick in traffic and comments. You invited people to take a look here. As far as I know, this is one of the only Tea Party type sites in this area, and it can become a meeting place for all who wish to participate in the saving of our country from the grips of Socialism.

    The Tea Party movement started because of the overburdening taxes from the government- Taxed Enough Already. The movement has grown beyond just tax topics. Just this morning I heard a Democratic interviewer ask the question. Have the Townhalls become about more than even Healthcare, and has it moved into fighting against Socialism. We’ve moved from Cap and Trade Legislation, and are now focused on Healthcare, while the current Liberal administration is sneaking wording and funding into legislation that involves thousands of pages, that not one Congressperson or Senator can possibly read before voting on the bills. Was anyone aware that “Death Panels” have already been funded to the Tune of $1.1 billion tucked into the Stimulus package?

    “Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectivness Research” which Dr. Helmbrecht has already addressed.

    Set up “to empower an unelected bureaucracy to make hard decisions about healthcare “rationing” that elected politicians are politically unable to make.” I guess that’s why Tom Perriello can’t answer hard questions, and just spouts buzzillions of words without answering the first question. One of the most prominent members of this Council is none other than Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, otherwise known as “Dr. Death.”

    The only way anyone will be able to educate those big-government commentors on this site will to be to back up what we are saying with facts and truth, and, understand that some are just unreachable and/or unwilling to open their minds to other views.

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