Health Care Rally At Perriello’s Office

On Friday July17th we will once again be meeting at Congressman Tom Perriello’s Charlottesville office at 313 2nd Street SE. We will gather at 4 PM to express to the Congressman our desire for him to vote against the Democrat sponsored Health Care Bill that will soon be coming to the House Floor.

This bill may be even more important then the Cap and Trade Bill that was recently passed. The people of the 5th District did an excellent job of calling the Congressman’s office before that vote but unfortunately were ignored. Therefore I feel that we need to make a more public statement when it comes to opposing this Health Care Legislation. We were able to get 125 to 150 people on 4 days notice at the Cap and Trade protest. I would like to see 200 to 300 people at this one. This is a nationally coordinated event and protests like this will be occurring at congressional and senate offices throughout the country. We had a great turn out for the 4th and this is a good opportunity to keep up the momentum. I am contacting Mr. Perriello’s office to let them know that we will be there that afternoon and are requesting the Congressman’s presence. At the very least maybe we can get Mr. Perriello to promise to read this bill before voting on it.

This event will be a great way to promote our July 20th Health Care Forum. The public needs to be aware of how Nationalized Health Care will affect their lives. It is only through education that we are able to make the correct decisions in regard to voting for our representatives and understanding their stances on issues.

See you there on the July 17.


6 Responses to “Health Care Rally At Perriello’s Office”

  1. Jim Duncan Says:

    The people of the 5th District did an excellent job of calling the Congressman’s office before that vote but unfortunately were ignored.

    I’d love an explanation from Tom as to why his office chose not to track the calls from constituents regarding the Cap and Trade Bill – his office told me that they did not know how many called for and how many called against.

    This seems to be the height of irresponsible “representation.”

  2. Carole Says:

    Let’s answer Bill’s call to double the turnout of the Cap and Trade protest for the Health Care Rally next Friday, July 17! If those of us in attendance the last time can bring just one person with us (spouse, co-worker, friend), we’ll get that 200-300 people that Bill is requesting.

    In addition, if you’ll talk it up amongst other people you know, we can fill that damn parking lot in front of Perriello’s office. I’m going to ask my husband to get off from work early and I’ll e-mail at least a half-dozen friends I have who I know share our concerns.

    Come on, JATPers — we can do this!!!

  3. Capt. John Sutton Says:

    I’ll be there, and Perriello has had the time to join us or at least brief his representitive on the issue of health care. Let’s not allow the same thing to happen again…watching some minor funcuntionary look down at us in disgust, only to tell us ” I don’t know”.
    The second question after ” I don’t know” should be from someone else in the crowd…Why don’t you know, can you send someone out here that has the authority to answer our questions…?
    We should not shout or vent our anger at this event, but without question to anyone in attendance it will be obvious that we are informed, we will not be detered, and we will not take ” I don’t know” as a dismisal to our concerns. Remember the press MAY be there and they can make just one shouting rant (as justified as it may be, and how good it feels) look like we are not the people that we really are. Let’s let them hang themselves, let’s all of us call the newspaper and tv stations to let them know that we are not pleased with the coverage, and IF they show up, I want us to be on the high ground, and people not to be trifled with or ignored.

  4. TwoTerriers Says:

    FYI, to all my friends in Rep. Periello’s district, the good Congressman IS NOT a co-sponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment that will protect independent, liberty-loving families from the scourge of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child treaty.
    Please let him know that free Americans will not brook this gratuitous intermeddling in their families.

  5. Dan Says:

    I noticed other sites state the tea party is from noon-1pm.
    Why the discrepancy?
    This site says 4pm, are there two or it was just updated?


    • blueridgeguy Says:

      The Jefferson Area Tea Party is an independent organization. We decided to coordinate our event to coincide with the national events except for the time. Because of work schedules we felt a late afternoon rally would be easier for most people to attend.

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