Perriello: Show or No Show?

Congressmsn Perriello’s staff has been contacted to let them know that we would be at his Charlottesville office Friday afternoon to state our concerns about the pending health care legislation. I spoke with his scheduler Jay Tansey about the Congressman’s availability for that afternoon, I was told that there was a good chance that Mr. Perriello might make it to Charlottesville depending on his voting schedule that day. I emailed details to the office this past Monday and am still waiting for a confirmation. With all the grief the Congressman was given over his cap and trade I wonder if he will really show up for our “town hall meeting”. Jay Tansey is new to his staff and when I spoke with him about meeting with the Congressman he may have been unaware of who we were, so I am thinking that after he spoke with Mr. Perriello his Friday schedule may “tightened” up a bit. Whether he is there or not we will show up to make a strong statement advising him to vote against government run health care.

This gathering will be a great warm up for our Health Care Forum that is being held at Lane Auditorium this coming Monday night the 2oth at 7 PM. More detailed information can be found lower down on this page. I look forward to seeing many of you on both Friday and Monday.


One Response to “Perriello: Show or No Show?”

  1. paige Says:

    confused about the police showing up… other than that… a good turn out!

    THANKS BILL!! another successful event!

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