Perriello Avoids His Constituents

Once again Congressman Perriello chooses to ignore a group of people he is suppose to represent. Sixty plus people showed up at the congressman’s office to speak with him about their concerns in respect to government run health care. It seems the congressman is only interested in meeting with those who have the same views as he does. His constant, never ending campaign is growing tiresome, his main goal seems to be whatever works for Tom, to hell with the people of the fifth district.

With the exception of being ignored by One Term Tom I felt that the rally went well. I was very pleased with the turnout and it was great to hear from the different people who stepped up to speak. Overall I felt that it was a great way to get the word out about our health care forum Monday night at Lane Auditorium.

An interesting moment came towards the end of the event when the police relayed the message that we would have to break up the rally or be arrested for trespassing. It seems that two phone calls were made to the police complaining that we were disturbing customers, although I thought we kept the parking lot open and did not block any access to the businesses. We of course immediately broke up the rally. However I belatedly heard that one of the complaints may have come from the congressman’s office. If I would have known this at the time I would have been spending the evening at the local lock up. I cannot believe that a group of Americans who are expressing their rights to free speech would be harassed because they don’t agree with their representatives views.

We are currently trying to verify who made the phone calls, we know who made one but are not absolutely sure about the second one. If as we suspect the call came from the congressman’s office we will certainly be in for some interesting times.


9 Responses to “Perriello Avoids His Constituents”

  1. Michael Ernette Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Is it possible that at least one of the phone calls came from the hair salon, whose backdoor is on the left as you face brave, brave Sir Tom’s office? (Pardon the shameless Monty Python reference). As the July 2 crowd was dispersing, either the owner or the manager came out and got snippy because one person hadn’t picked up a sign quickly enough. Someone made a comment about not being like Democrats, words were exchanged, and she went back in. I’m sure that she may have played a hand in any police action. As campaign manager for Bradley Rees, please keep me in the loop privately if you can confirm that Perriello’s office made a call, for OBVIOUS reasons. One of our folks was at the rally, heard it went well, and we’ll talk to you soon!

    Michael Ernette
    Campaign Manager, Rees for Congress

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      We know that one of the two phone calls came from the hairdresser we are 90% sure that the other came from Periello’s office. We have information that other congressional offices called police to break up other health care protests that were taking place on the same day.

  2. Carole Says:

    Thanks for picking up on my name of “One Term Tom” for Perriello. Use it as often as you like – as it’s what we’re gonna make him in 2010 🙂

  3. Inexplicably Simple, Indescribably Plain Says:

    VERY interesting in regards to the phone calls. Please keep us in the loop as new information surfaces.
    It amazes me how much of our Constitution is routinely ignored. Does “The right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances” ring a bell with anyone? Or did McCain/Feingold do away with that section of the 1st Amendment, too?

  4. GeorgeFitchRepublican Says:

    Hey, I’m all for speaking out against this health care bill, but let’s remember to be intellectually honest. Perriello has met with people from the Jefferson Area Tea Party before. It’s dishonest to claim he’s avoiding us entirely. And while it would have been nice for him to be there, Congress had votes until almost 3 PM on Friday: It’s at least two hours from DC to Charlottesville, and that’s with good traffic. If he had made it to the rally, you’d be complaining that he wasn’t in Congress voting like a representative should.

    Michael, you should protest the hair salon in the future. Maybe Rees can give his style of haircuts outside and talk to voters.

    • Michael Ernette Says:

      Thanks for the tip, George! Maybe we can make a fundraiser out of it! Of course, if anyone on the site remembers seeing me, KEEP THE CLIPPERS AWAY FROM MY HEAD! ;D

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      Congressman Perriello is not afraid to miss votes to attend events that are friendly to him or make him look good. He already has one of the worst voting records for a freshman congressman.

      • GeorgeFitchRepublican Says:

        The guy’s father had a stroke, was in a coma, and passed away after a week or so. We should focus on the issues and Perriello’s actual votes, like his support for Obama’s agenda. There’s more than enough out there to defeat him.

  5. Molly P. Says:

    Michael Ernette, For the record I was there during the 7/2 exchange that you mentioned. There were no words exchanged. A lady from the salon did come out and complain that signs had been left after at an earlier time. Someone in the crowd said to the crowd, “Don’t act like democrats, pick up your signs!” People laughed, and looked around to make sure nothing was left lying around. As far as I could tell the lady from the salon seemed to appreciate that, and nothing else was said.

    The libs want to take focus off our message, and would use an innocent episode like this to mischaracterize us and our purpose.

    So everything has been good. People have come out of some of those businesses and give the thumbs up, some just stand outside and watch what’s going on. But there have not been any words exchanged.

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