The Real Tom Perriello

Free Speech? What Free Speech?

Free Speech? What Free Speech?


3 Responses to “The Real Tom Perriello”

  1. Scott Says:

    Your “Vote On Taxes” Committee is committed to adding the “Vote On Taxes” amendment to the U.S. Constitution. History has demonstrated that requiring voter approval of new taxes and spending will ensure that future generations of Americans will enjoy significantly higher standards of living than if government continues to tax and spend at will.

    The official forecast is for the U.S. to run out of money by 2050 leading to a multi-generational economic decline.

    The process of amending our Constitution is difficult, time consuming and needs the broad support of the American people. Never in our history has an amendment been successfully proposed and ratified by state legislatures. But, the founding fathers had the foresight to include a way that the states, without the help of the U.S. Congress, could change the Constitution if there were no other way to preserve the American dream of freedom and expanding economic prosperity.

    Are you ready to help add the “Vote On Taxes” amendment to our U.S. Constitution?

    Please visit for more information

  2. TJ Forever! Says:

  3. rake Says:

    The real Tom Perriello is named Tom Perrilosi-didnt he get elected from Virginia and not California?

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