Perriello’s Coming to A Town Near You

Tom is coming to your town so be ready. You will have to look closely lif you want to find him and you will have to try even harder if you wish to talk with him. Tom is only allowing for two hours to talk to his constituents one on one. Now if he allows just five minutes per meeting that means he will only meet with 24 people.

Judging by the way our congressman answers questions each person will be lucky to get one question in. Tom will spend all your time expounding on that one question and probably still not answer it to your satisfaction. My guess is that at each of these meetings, if he sticks to the two hour limit, only about 18 people will actually get a chance to talk with him. He will have to leave exactly at 8 and those who were unable to meet with him can send in their questions and he will be sure to get back to you.

Therefore I think that since he works for us we need to demand that he meets with us as a group. We should decide the format for these “town halls” not him.

Let me know what you think.


9 Responses to “Perriello’s Coming to A Town Near You”

  1. Charles Ward Says:

    Dear Friends at the Jefferson Area Tea Party,
    THANK YOU for what you are doing. I mean it. Thank you for this web site. And, sadly, thank you for telling me how our congressman plans to spend the “town hall” (A real misnomer if he is planning to meet just one-on-one with constituents. Can this be?)

    Thank you for arranging the event in Charlottesville on April 15th and again on July 4th. Terrific. Thank you for working so hard to keep us informed.

    I will do what I can; we must help this misguided freshman congressman understand that voters are not his troubles, rather his party leadership is.


    Charles Ward

  2. paige Says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!! what is he scared of? the truth?

  3. Leadership Says:

  4. GeorgeFitchRepublican Says:

    All media stories I’ve seen so far have talked about Perriello spending time taking questions in a town hall format. How stupid do you feel denying reality?

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      The comments on this blog are based on what Mr. Perriello has posted on his website concerning the Tom In Your Town meetings in which they state that he will be at these events and will meet with people one on one, first come first serve and they are required to sign in before hand. Here is the link: If he has changed his mind and is doing the normal town hall it is probably due to all the heat he has taken over the one on one only meetings.

  5. Melissa Says:

    Basically Tom is not able to have the guts or the spine to face his constituents!! He represents US, not HIMSELF!! I encourage everyone to show up at all of the Tom in your town meetings that you can and show our concern for the this great country!! KEEP THE PRESSURE ON HIM TO ANSWER TO US!!

  6. Sandy Says:

    GeorgeFitchRepublican- Why is it that you constantly attack what is posted here? You question everything, including using a picture with Perriello with a Beard, which was taken from his own website. Sorry, if Mr. Perriello isn’t the best looking guy, and his beard is less than flattering. Mr. Perriello must have thought it was pretty cool if he posted it on his own website.

    You say that the media has informed you that Perriello has been having “normal” townhall meetings. What media are you referring to, The Daily Progress that is a Democrats dream rag? You have your 1st Amendment rights to free speech, wherever it is you want to say something, however, you are obviously supporting Perriello who is someone that would vote to take that right away from you in a heartbeat, just to please his boss Pelosi. Perriello follows his bosses marching orders, rather than listening to and abiding by the wishes of those that put him in office. I hope those office leases he signed are short term.

    To use Republican in your posting name is disengious and downright dishonest.

  7. rugrat Says:

    The Daily Progress as the Democrats “dream rag”- Why Ms. Sandy, dream on..
    Are you talking about the same Daily Progress that endorsed George W. Bush in 2004 and John McCain in 2008?
    Questioning everything is a way of getting to the truth; there’s no pathology in that.

  8. Sade Says:

    This blog is a lot of “talking” and no factual back-up. Also, I find a lot of screaming about the healthcare reform bill itself and all the people screaming have NO solutions. Healthcare is a mess and a great ponzi scheme for the insurance companies and drug companies. Period. If one does not realize that fact alone, the one’s opinion is just that – an opinion. Wake up people.

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