Cap and Trade Calls To Perriello’s Office

One question that was asked the most at recent gatherings at Congressman Perriello’s office was concerning the number of phone calls to his offices about the Cap and Trade legislation. Many others as well as myself were interested as to whether the majority of calls were for or against the bill. I have traded several emails with Mr. Perriello’s chief of staff Lise Clavel concerning this question. The initial letter I received from Perriello’s office in reference to our July 2nd gathering did not answer any questions that were put forth, the letter was the typical reaction as to why he voted the way he did. I replied to his chief of staff as to the “lack of a real response” and reiterated that we were very curious about the phone calls. Below is the answer to my email.

“The Congressman’s responded to the substance of the issues raised and
his view that the energy bill passed by the House will help wean us
off our dangerous dependence on foreign oil, as well as create clean
energy jobs in America. No piece of legislation is free of problems,
and the congressman does not take his votes lightly, but he supports
those measures he believes will be most effective toward improving the
lives of his constituents.

As I mentioned, we represent 655,000 citizens, not all of whom call or
write. We strive to balance the interests of all of those citizens as
best we can. One way to do that is by listening to the concerns raised
in calls and letters, which is why it is important that people contact
the Congressman. But not all who contact our office are clearly on one
side or another. The thoughtful people who contact the Congressman
often have suggestions about how to improve the legislation Congress
is considering, and their views cannot be simply categorized as for or
against a piece of legislation. The founders crafted a wonderful
system of representative democracy that cannot be reduced to tallying
up the number of calls and letters, both because calls and letters
cannot be so easily categorized and because not all people who have a
view feel compelled to share them. We listen to those who contact us,
but we do not want to forget about those who don’t.

Simply tallying up calls and letters and making decisions based on
those tallies would require that we verify the residence of the person
who contacted us and authenticity of the letters we receive, which
would have a chilling effect on people contacting us. And it would
transform our democracy from one based on civil discourse over
divergent ideas to one based on something more akin to American Idol
or Survivor. We are not choosing a music celebrity or voting someone
off an island; we are choosing a future for our country.

We prefer to listen to the substance of the arguments being made, to
make sound judgments based on what we know, and then to cast our lot
with those that are most promising for the future of this country.”

Thanks for reaching out,
Lise Clavel

When I received this answer I followed back with this email:
“So in short our question about the number of calls pro or con concerning the cap and trade legislation will not be answered. Am I correct in making that assumption?” To which she responded: “Mr. Hay Your questions cannot be answered for all the reasons I described below.”

I can only come to the conclusion that the phone calls were overwhelmingly against cap and trade and they do not want to have that get out. Of course others may come to different conclusions and that is what makes this country great.


4 Responses to “Cap and Trade Calls To Perriello’s Office”

  1. paige Says:

    funny how she would bring up the founders, and then work against everything they fought for.

  2. tea drinker Says:

    If most of the calls had favored cap and trade I think Ms. Clavel would have said so– and then added all the other stuff about how of course there are many, many factors Congressman Perriello must weigh.

    The really interesting question is what the ratio of calls was.

    CQ Politics reports:

    “Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who is skeptical about climate change legislation, said that so far ‘My mail is running about 99-to-1 against’ “

  3. Sandy Says:

    As to the Cap and Trade legislation, it seems to be Perriello’s pet project with his support for Green jobs, Green buildings, and renewable energies. Why then is the US loaning Brazil $900 billion dollars to develop their off shore drilling programs? Why is the current administration allowing Russia to build platforms, and drill for oil off Florida’s coast? Either Perriello is very naieve, very uninformed, or most likely trying to sell the people some snake oil. Obama has said that the US will be the leader in cleaning up the world. He will push the US into bankruptcy to do so, even though other countries are not willing to do that to their populations such as Germany, Austraila and others. Has Perriello ever read the reports coming out of Spain on just how destructive Green agendas are? They don’t only destroy economies, they destroy job creation. Is Perriello aware that the stimulus he voted for has created a few jobs that lasted a whopping 40 hours or one day? Perriello needs to start researching,, and listening to the facts rather than preaching his brand of liberal representation to those in the 5th district. Is it 2010 yet?

  4. Sandy Says:

    Recently an energy and water appropriations bill was passed-

    Most of the earmarks were added by The President, however, Perriello got his hands on some of the goodies. He requested $500,000 for EERE Fast Charging Electric Vehicle Demonstration Project in Charlottesville. He also got $200,000 for EERE Advanced Battery Manufacturing. I looked into who EERE is and found some interesting info.

    They are a part of the U S Department of Energy. EERE is Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy. They appear to be a Federal Government financing agency for those that are interested in obtaining grants from the government for renewable energy projects. My question is- Why would Perriello request federal monies for another government agency who awards grants for renewables? Couldn’t Perriello have found some other very worthy projects in Charlottesville to request money for, if he had to request my tax payer dollars at all?

    Perriello had some interesting comments to make on the Stimulus bill as well, which he voted for-

    I quote- “We now see unprecented transparency and accountability. Where before we saw handouts to Wall Street, we now see investments back in Main Street. Where before we saw the Federal Government trying to control everything, this time we see an unprecedented partnership with state and local officials to get this economy turned around.”

    Those statements are so patently false, one would not know where to begin correcting him.

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