ObamaCare Metaphor


Sgt. Crowley helping Prof. Gates while Obama ignores the handicapped man. This is a great metaphor for ObamaCare.



10 Responses to “ObamaCare Metaphor”

  1. Immature Says:

    Three decent men get together to move forward and let go of behaving “stupidly”, and you use a picture showing this progress…….

    • Sandy Says:

      Immature- To see the battered white police officer, helping the black man who incorrectly called him a racist, with The Won strolling ahead with no care or concern for helping the guy he was protecting, is an indication of The Won’s character. To believe otherwise is “Immature.”

      • Shayne S. Says:

        Sandy, the point of the meeting between the three men were to move past race issues. To deny that racism still exists in this country is laughable. While I will admit Obama overstepped in his first response, I believe that the discussion of racism is one that needs to be had. I believe Obama was attempting to do that in having this meeting. Unfortunately, some people are still unwilling to have that discussion and instead resort to trivializing what the president was hoping to accomplish.

        As to your comment of protecting Gates, I’d hardly say that was the case. From listening to the 911 dispatch, and all of the other information that has come out of this incident, I’d say that both sides overreacted. I see fault with both parties, but can we say that if it had been a white man that this situation probably wouldn’t have escalated? I think so.

        As to referring to our president as “the Won” I find that wholly and utterly immature. I often disagreed with President Bush, but I always gave him the respect deserved of our highest elected official. Even though you might not like him, President Obama was elected by a majority of voters in this country.

        This picture is meaningless. With cameras following your every move there are of course going to be times when you are not going to make the conscientious decision. He is human, even though you yourself make him a deity by naming him “the Won.” Unless you help every elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable person, I would refrain from judging others on it.

        Finally, can I see some substance from this website? All I see is vitriol against Obama and the liberal agenda. I am not a fan of some aspects of health care reform, but I know that the system we have is a failing system. If our representatives in Congress can’t come up with an idea to sufficiently reform health care, why can’t we? There are 300 million other people in this country. Some of them have to have some good ideas. If the Tea Party has issues with the health care solutions on the table, offer new ones along with your criticism’s of the current plans. Otherwise your just whining.

        -Sick of Vitriol, Wanting Substance

      • blueridgeguy Says:


        For your information the Jefferson Area Tea Party had a two hour health care forum with professionals from the health care and finance industry that put forth solutions that would make major changes in our broken system. We understand that there needs to be reform, but I have yet to see a successful government operated program.

        As far as the content of this website goes, yes we are angry at what is happening to our country. But we have yet to call those we disagree with; Nazis, Brown Shirts, Astroturf, unAmerican, mobs and we have not physically assaulted our opponents. If you want to see real vitriol you will have to look a little further to your left.

      • RightOnShayne Says:

        Shayne, Everything you said reflects what we as a country would best aspire to……..the ability to strive for our higher nature. I appreciate everything you said and it shows incredible maturity.
        Blueridgeguy, Why are you so defensive? Isn’t it ironic that for the last eight years this important issue was totally ignored, and now when a major effort by a leader with guts iwho s striving to really accomplish something, all of a sudden there’s this effort to sabotage! Please! What happened to we need to support our President because our country is in dire times?
        As far as the name calling……the childish on both sides do it.
        Get the Facts on Health Care Reform……Don’t listen to the distortions………and for God’s Sake (Our Country’s Sake) stop watching Fox News!

      • Sandy Says:

        Spoken like a true far left radical Liberal, up to and including “striving for our higher nature.” My higher nature starts with Freedom and respect for the Constitution, and it ends when the Government trashes it, and ignores it.

        Stop watching Fox news? I agree, especially when Kirsten Powers, Mara Liason and Mort Kondrake are on. What are you suggesting, that we all tune into CNN, MSNBC and etc.? Yes, I do agree also that one should get the facts on Obamacare, and I promise the distortions are coming from the Liberals. You Libs just can’t accept little things like facts.

      • RightOnShayne Says:

        When I said “striving for our higher nature”, I was speaking of striving to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.
        Obviously, from your response to Shayne, those teachings aren’t reflected.
        The true hero is the 911 caller. She said she was raised not to look on people in terms of race and she didn’t say anything about race in her call…..The first time it was brought up was in the arresting officers report “two black males with backpacks”, which she said was never reported. Professor Gates is an elderly man, who was tired after arriving home from a trip, and he was probably frightened. He identified himself…….My son is a police officer and they are trained to diffuse this kind of fear. He never should have been arrested. The President did right in saying he over-reacted….and in having the meeting.
        Can we let this go and learn from it.
        The President is not evil!

      • Sandy Says:

        Just to correct your “facts”, the first mention of race was brought up by the 911 operator. She asked what race the possible burglars were. The caller said she thought one of them might have been hispanic. You just simply want to defend Gates and Obama, and, to further demean Sgt. Crowley, and, the black second officer that was there. I’m sure you read the letter that was sent by the black police officer to Obama. He indicated that his national comments against the police, and which included references to racial profiling had the potential to set back all of the gains that have been made in racial relations. I’m sure that you have also read the accounts that this was not the first time Gates was loud and unruly in public.

        There will unfortunately always be racists in this world. There will always be hatred against blacks, whites, hispanics, muslims, jews and etc. The president of the United States does not need to put his spoon in the pot and stir it further. He did NOT know the facts, and as much as said so in his opening comments, yet went right on ahead and made his remarks anyway. Why? What was he trying to accomplish? He made a fool of himself, and of the american people who voted for him. It wasn’t the first time, and I can bet it won’t be the last. Please don’t say that he was answering a question from a reporter. All of his pressers are made up of preselected reporters, with preselected questions. Didn’t even Helen Thomas say the same thing? As to the meeting, it was an attempt to make himself look better, not to heal racial wounds. If he had racial healing in his heart he would have kept his trap shut to begin with.

        As to Gates just returning from a trip, and being tired and freightened, is that how you would react to the police doing their job and looking to protect your home? Would you immediately call the cop a racist?

      • rugrat Says:

        Every little pinprick is perceived as a full-fledged assault on you. When are not in “attack mode”?

  2. Sandy Says:

    ShayneS- “THE WON” has nothing to do with “deity” as you claim. It has everything to do with The Won arrogantly and childishly constantly reminding us that “he won” and that he is “the president.” He in fact is the president, but, I’m not so sure that he would have won without the help of ACORN. As to the “Beer Fest” with Gates and Crowley, it had little to do with getting beyond racial issues. It had everything to do with The Won trying to cover up his “stupid” comments on national TV, in a healthcare speech, which had nothing to do with the Gates arrest. He choose to speak before he had the facts, and, went further in stating that there “has been a history in this country of racial profiling against blacks and hispanics.” So Shayne, who made the entire thing into a racial issue? Yes, The Won. As far as “both sides overacting,” Crowley was investigating a 911 call that someone was trying to break into a house. It was Gates who thought he was above the law, and that he didn’t need to prove his identity, because after all he is a well known Harvard prof. Don’t you know who I am? Gates immediately went into the “This is what happens to black men in America” mode, and, called Crowley a racist, and, disrespectfully brough Crowleys Mama into it. Then Gates calls his friend, who happens to be the president to complain.

    You say he was “elected” by a majority of the people, again, see my comment above- ACORN. This community organization is now being funded with your tax dollars and mine. There are goodies for the ACORN types in almost every bill, in order to insure that The Won and his cronies are in power for ever. To defend him and the Liberals, as you have claimed out of respect, is to disrespect me and every other citizen that loves Freedom, Liberty, and the Constitution. I’ll respect him when he starts acting like a president of the United States of America, and stops with his support of every world dictator that he apparently wants to compete with, and also rule. I guess you also respect his comment that “this is the moment that this MOVEMENT was created for.” He is evil.

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