Ruckersville Town Hall

Last night a large group of American citizens showed up at the Ruckersville Elementary School to voice their opinions both for and against government run health care. What a great country we live in, a place where opposing sides of an issue can get together and peacefully discuss such an important matter.

The first thing that was quite evident was the format change. Congressman Perriello had originally planned to have only one on one meetings at these events, due I believe to demand, he ran the first hour as an open town hall style meeting (which ended up going for 1 1/2 hours) and saved the last hour for the one on ones. For the open mic portion people were asked to get in line and were allowed to ask their questions. This worked quite well with the exception of the microphone cutting out every once in a while.

The crowd was large for a Greene County event, besides county residents there were people from Earlysville, Charlottesville and Crozet. The people were there with blue arm bands and what seemed like little patience for people who wanted to not only ask questions of the congressman but to make statements as well. Many times when a person did not start off with a question and made an opening statement they were rudely interrupted. This seemed to only happen when someone who opposed government run health care spoke.

I personally believe that these town halls are put to best use by not just asking questions but by making your beliefs heard. Our legislators are inundated with phone calls, emails and faxes, something that does not seem to catch their attention. Hence these town halls are our only real chance to be heard. To the people on the left this is known as petitioning your representatives, something guaranteed in the Constitution.

In most cases if you have been paying attention to the actions of your representatives you probably already know were they stand on many issues, these events are great for letting them know how you stand. Last night the crowd made it quite clear to Mr. Perriello that the majority of those attending did not want government interference in their health care. Out of the several hundred people at this event approximately one in eight were supporters of government health care. Of the supporters that stood to ask questions the main point that most of them brought out was that they wanted cheaper insurance. Unfortunately these people actually think that the government is going to be able to provide cheap and effective health coverage to everyone. I only have two questions for them are you new to this planet or do you know of something the government has actually done efficiently that nobody else knows about?


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  1. Leadership Says:

  2. Shawn'sPerspective Says:

  3. Carrie Says:

    I wasn’t there, since I live in another county, but I plan on attending my “Tom on the Town” next week.

    The biggest problem I have with this “public option” being sold to us is that this is completely unconstitutional. It is not the federal government’s job to provide health care to the nation.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the fact that I had to pay over $1000/month to keep my maternity coverage through COBRA when my family moved out of state and no insurance company would cover my husband or children as long as I was pregnant. That hacked me off, to say the least. But nowhere in the Constitution does it say that Congress has any power to guarantee affordable health care to us. Look it up yourself…it’s not in there. (Refer to Article 1, Section 8 where it lists Congressional Powers…see also:

    For some reason, some people want to dismiss the US Constitution, calling it irrelevant. Well, I can certainly rattle off a list of what I don’t like in this Health Care bill, but that’s what is irrelevant here. Whether we like the bill or not, it doesn’t matter.

    Perriello should vote “no” simply because the US Constitution has not given him the power to vote “yes”.

    • Shayne S. Says:

      The beginning of section 8 of our US Constitution

      Section 8. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

      As you see, the Constitution does grant Congress the power to provide for the general welfare of the United States–i.e. healthcare

      Maybe you haven’t been hit hard by this recession, but I know that even before the recession I worked 3 jobs (still do, lucky me) and still worry about not being covered by my insurance provider mainly because they have been too unregulated for too long. I’ve paid my premiums, shouldn’t that guarantee me healthcare? What the insurance companies are doing is the same thing that Wall Street did this past decade. The bubble will eventually burst, and it will be MUCH worse than Wall Street’s bubble. There is too much fine print and backhanded dealings by insurance companies.

      People on both sides of this debate need to know that it shouldn’t be democrats vs. republicans. It’s an industry fleecing hardworking Americans vs. the American people. Polls have shown 75% of Americans want healthcare reform. Tell me then, what the hold up is? It makes no sense to me.

      To continue on, what is wrong with a public health option? It’s an option, people who don’t like their insurance companies can choose to go to the government option. Remember, the insurance company is full of greedy people who want to make a buck. As soon as they see they are losing business, I’m sure they will regulate themselves to make themselves competitive again. And NO, I don’t feel sad that their profit margins will go down. It’s been artificially inflated for too long anyway.

      • Sandy Says:

        Shayne S- Your interpretation of Section 8 of the US Constitution, and coming to the conclusion that Congress does have the power to provide for Government Healthcare is so dsingenious and a false, it is laughable. What it means to provide for the welfare of Americans is to keep the citizens safe from outside terriorists attacks, to keep Americans safe from plagues, to keep Americans safe from Chemical and Biological weapons of mass destruction. To say Congress has the power to provide for Healthcare is the same as saying that the government also has the power/duty to provide us refrigerators to keep our food safe, to provide us with Air Conditioners to keep us safe from overheating, to provide us with food in order to eat to stay alive. You are really stretching it.

        I’m not sure what polls you are reading but, Rassmussen’s latest poll shows that only 42% favor Obamas plan, and that 53% oppose the plan.

        As the August recess goes on, there are more and more people opposed to the Obama plan as they learn what is in the bill. You may be willing to give up your rights, privacy and freedoms, but you are in the minority in your thinking. Interesting that those in favor of the plan always bring up those evil insurance companies, and all those evil profits they make. If you do a little research you will find that their profits are not over the top or obscene. Obscene is the amount of money that those in charge of Fannie and Freddie are raking in. Obscene is the amount of money that Al Gore has been making to spread his false Global Warming crisis. Obscene is the amount of money that Obama is paying his 44 Czars, which were not elected but selected, have no oversight by anyone except Obama, and in some cases are proven Communist sympatheizers, such as Van Jones. Obscene is the amount of money earmarked for community organizations such as ACORN, whose only function is to insure re-election of Obama and the Liberals in Congress, literally by hook or by crook. To place the blame on the Insurance companies is right out of Pelosi’s talking points.

        Not many don’t believe that the Healthcare system in this country needs some radical changes, however, why would you want the Government forcing those changes when they have so totally screwed up Medicare and Medicaid. And, if I am not mistaken didn’t Obama say just yesterday that UPS and FED Ex are doing fine, it’s the postal service that always has problems. Why are you not ranting about the obscene profits being made by Fed Ex and UPS.

      • Carrie Says:

        Actually Shayne, according to the Federalist Paper #41 written by James Madison, who is often referred to as the “Father of the Constitution”…he clearly explains that “general Welfare” clause is limited to the following stated “particulars”. The first clause is just that — a clause ending with a semicolon, and in Madison’s mind “a general clause”. It is not a complete sentence. The clauses that follow explain and qualify the general clause. See If you read the complete Section 8 of the Constitution ( ), this explanation makes perfect sense. Two of the following clauses state: “To establish Post Offices and Post Roads;” and “To provide and maintain a Navy;” How is Congress expected “to establish post offices and post roads”? They need money to do that. How about “to provide and maintain a Navy”? They need money for that too. Where does the money come from? The “Taxes, Duties, imposts and Excises” they lay and collect.

        See? The power to lay taxes & such are set in place in order to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence (such as the Navy) and general Welfare (such as the post offices and post roads) of the United States.

        Health Care coverage is not listed as one of the powers.

        Don’t get me wrong…I agree that we need major healthcare reform, but it is not the role of the Federal Government to be mixed up in all of this…and certainly not to the degree that this horrific bill proposes.

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