Liberals: Free Speech Is Optional

I came away from Tuesday night’s town hall with mixed feelings. I was pleased to see so many people taking advantage of their right to petition but was saddened by assaults on my rights.

The afternoon started off with myself being verbally assaulted by two people, who were there separately but felt the need to pull a tag team on me while I was being interviewed by a reporter from NPR. Now I don’t know what the liberals view is about listening in on private conversations or interrupting them but I was taught it was rude behavior. Now this has not been an isolated incident, this past spring while having lunch with my wife in a local restaurant a similar episode occurred. We happened to be discussing Bill Ayers and the person sitting at a booth behind us decided that she had a right to not only listen in on our private conversation but to contribute her views. Then to top off the moment a second individual at a another table decided that it was proper for her to also contribute her liberal views to our private conversation. What is it about tag teams in C’ville? I guess when it comes to privacy in this town if you are conservative you better be alone in a locked room if you don’t what an opinionated, rude left winger to interrupt you.

Back to Tuesday night, after the verbal assault I was able to have other conversations without being interrupted. This could be due to the fact that I responded quite strongly to the two rude libs, letting them know very loudly so everyone around could hear that I did not appreciate their obnoxious behavior. However not long after my right to privacy was violated the same thing happened to my right to free speech.

The next incident occurred inside the center. I like others on both sides had brought a couple of posters to be displayed reflecting my beliefs. I put one sign up on the stage next to posters of opposing points of view. I made sure not to block the other signs. That same right was not afforded my poster. Shortly after I had walked away someone placed there sign so as to block mine, too scattered applause of the many fist amendment critics in the audience. I went up to move the poster which was blocking mine and the owner got upset because I touched it, once again only certain people have rights. After this little dispute was settled I placed another poster up on the stage, again careful not to obstruct the views of preciously placed signs. Within three minutes someone actually placed there poster leaning up against mine in order to block it. One last time I was forced to go up and excert my first amendment rights. I very vocally let the crowd in the front row know what I thought of their assault on those rights.

These incidents and the speeches in support of government run health care that I heard during the town hall last night proved one thing to me. There are too many people on the left that are only concerned with their rights and could care less about the rights of others.


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4 Responses to “Liberals: Free Speech Is Optional”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Blueridgeguy- The examples you point to here of your own free speech rights being walked on are only a few drops in the bucket. It is happening all over the country. Those in opposition to Obamacare are being called racist, nazi, astroturfers, paid Republican party activists and everything in between. There were only loud voices when the opposition got tired of being lied to be the Democrats representing their constituients in Congress. It is the liberal wing of the party that has turned the protests into physical violence. Kenneth Gladney, a black conservative in St. Louis got a beating that sent him to the hospital from the SEIU thugs. I’m sure you also saw the shoving and clothes tearing videos at the town hall in Tampa FLA. Before Obama started sending out messages to his union buddies, to “punch back twice as hard” and previously asked his supporters to “get in their faces” did the violence start. According to the latest polls, 53% of those polled are against Obamacare. Obama’s approval ratings are now at 47%. The lower the Liberals go in the polls, and the more people are against the policies this administration has shoved forward, the more desperate those that erroneously believe they will get a free government handout become. I only beg of all of my fellow opposers to not throw the first punch, do not incite those standing next to you in a manner that leads to physical violence, or the Liberals will then “create” and/or “manufacture” a “crisis” that only the government can take care of. Take a camera with you to every political event you attend. Take lots of pictures for future reference and/or proof of who the thugs really are.

    Again, thank you for all you do. You have my full support in more ways then you can know. BTW, great interview with Joe Thomas this morning.

  2. Sandy Says:

    blueridgeguy- This should sound very familiar to you-

  3. Steve Says:

    “fist amendment”? ooops.
    (paragraph 4, line 7 BRG)

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      Steve are you implying that it was I who was violating someones first amendment rights by moving his sign that was deliberately placed to block mine?

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