Three Sides of the Triangle

From what I have determined after attending two health care town halls is that there are three types of people. Two of whom show up to have their voices heard. One group is happy with the direction the government is taking and does not have a problem with relying on others to take care of them, at least with the big things; health care, retirement, education, etc. They are okay with picking their own cable company and buying their own food, at least for now. The second group is not happy with the direction of government and are more interested in personal freedom as opposed to being taken care of from cradle to grave. The third group is not even involved and have given up and the most that they will ever do is sit at home and swear at the television newscasts when things aren’t going the way they want.

Because the first group is fairly happy with the current elected officials and the direction they are taking the country and the third group is relatively uninvolved it will be up to the freedom lovers in the middle group to try harder to make the necessary changes. We can do this by continuing on the course we have chosen. It will not be easy, we have been demonized and called every name in the book by the far left and many of our elected officials. This should only make us more determined.

If we are to succeed we need to be persistent, truthful and sincere. I would guess that about a third of the citizenry, the people who are not paying a lot of attention, eventually will open their eyes. When they do we need to be in their field of vision with the light of truth. We cannot be perceived as a radical group who are just opposing this legislation because of who is proposing it. We must overcome the stigma that the left is trying to impose on us. During the twentieth century certain movements have tried to hide atrocities and failed, the left will also fail in their attempt to hide their socialist agenda.

Patriots and lovers of the Constitution must not give up in their crusade to up hold the founding fathers vision of a true Republic.


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4 Responses to “Three Sides of the Triangle”

  1. Philosopher Says:

    So much debate is going on pointing out how bad the collectivist approach of the Obama/Democrats will be for our health care, but where is the advocacy of a workable solution?

    Here is a brief outline of where we need to go with US health care:

    The Modern Health Care Solution

    We need to reset our health care system back to a free-market, patient-driven system. Every other successful part of our society runs this way- why not our health care for goodness sake?! We need:

    1. Market-based pricing of health care. We need medical Care/Service/Procedures priced up front like everything else in our society- not the price/cost black-boxes of today’s employer and government-subsidized health care.

    2. Minute-clinics and similar no-appointment, transparently-priced clinics are going in the right direction of delivering this concept:

    3. Just like with the fair, portability of pre-tax 401k’s, we need fair, portable pre-tax health savings accounts for everyone to save their own money over time, make their own decisions on health care, and pay it with their own money.

    4. Make health care ‘insurance’ back into actual insurance. Couple health savings accounts with high-deductible catastrophic health insurance policies that people buy like they do for life insurance or car insurance.

    The above approach gives everyone the access, proper control, and choice over their health- not the opposite helplessness dictated by some far away, faceless bureaucrat.

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      Excellent ideas very similar to what John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods proposed.

    • Sandy Says:

      Philosopher- Excellent, excellent post as well as great ideas. Back when Bush passed the Medicare Part D prescription entitlement, it also included legislation for the advent of HSA’s. The problem as I see it, is that people had a problem with “savings accounts” in this credit hungrey society. It seems that many, especially with Employer provided fully paid insurance had no desire to put money into a “savings account.” They missed the fact that if an employeer put a set number of dollars into a personally owned medical care account, that you could use for dental bills, as well as eyecare bills, flew over the the radar. Suppose an employeer put $5,000 or more into an account, that you own and control, and stays with you wherever you work, “portability”, why ever would anyone opt for that same employer paying that $5,000 into an approved by the government, health insurance company. Immagine if you are healthy, you don’t run to the doctor every time you sneeze, and you can build up that amount over the years. Can you immagine the amount of money you would have in that account when you become elderly, and would most likely use the most of the savings? Coupeled with catastrofic insurance, at a high deduction, and much lower cost, how much more control you would have with your doctor, the freedom you would have to choose your own care, and the spending power you would have.

      It is unfortunate that those that support the Obama Government plan cannot see the validity in this type of plan. The supporters that are advocating this plan, are those that are erronously believing that Obamacare will provide them with free to low cost insurance. If the plan passes, I can’t wait to see what those same supporters think when their taxes will rob a good portion of their paychecks. Free is never free, it will rob others of their earnings, just to insure that the lazy have the same as the rest, at our expense, yes even those will pay much more. It costs alot to insure a nation. Don’t believe for a minute that you may be immune. Didn’t Obama promise that he would only raise taxes on the rich? That bar has been lowered recently. You will pay also. The Liberals/Progressives have been raising an entitlement society for a long time. Auto insurance does not pay for oil changes, tires, break pads or any other normal auto repairs, why should health insurance pay for annual checkups, blood tests, and other small normal costs? Unfortunately, the youth has been raised to expect, rather than to take personal responsibility for themselves as individuals.

  2. Reality Says:

    Philosophy and John Mackey’s point have merit……however:
    “It almost gives them too much credit to put Republicans in any camp, because many of them have decided that their best strategy is to hang back and carp. But those who do put forward ideas mostly belong in the Let the Market Work Camp, the idea being that if consumers could see the true costs of their health care, they would make wiser decisions.

    This, too, could have its attractions to voters, emphasizing as it does the availability of choice and the satisfaction of stuffing government bureaucrats back into their cubicles. But after a bit of reflection, it may alarm many who have insurance. If consumers are to make these wise choices, after all, it implies that many options now open to them will become suddenly expensive. That’s the sort of empowerment not everyone will welcome, especially given that few laymen trust themselves to second-guess medical professionals.

    Which may explain why many in the third camp prefer to talk about death panels and rationing rather than the beauties of their own health-care plans.” Hiatt/WP

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