Perriello Watch Video on C-SPAN

Carlisle Video’s Perriello Watch has been posted on C-Span’s Citizen Video page. Kudos to Keith Drake for his success. Check it out.

Perriello Watch Video


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3 Responses to “Perriello Watch Video on C-SPAN”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Terrific! The more people that see Perriello’s non-answers, and just talking on and on, and saying nothing, the quicker we can make him a “One Term Tommy.” He does the same thing on Joe Thomas in the Morning, when he is on. Last week, Joe wanted to ask him about the incident in Danville, when he had some Tea Party protesters followed by the police, and then paid visits the naxt day at their homes. Perriello just talked and talked, and then “had to run” even before his half hour was up. He knows he cannot answer the tough questions, because if he gave honest truthful answers even more would be against what he is trying to sell.

  2. Thornton Jones Says:

    Good Lord! It was a simple question. He puts forth more effort to “not” answer the question then he does to answer it. Sheesh, and people wonder why we’re ticked off?

    • Sandy Says:

      You are exactly right Thornton. He just keeps saying the same Liberal talking points everwhere he goes. It’s actually funny hearing him talk about and sell the Obamacare plan, as there obviously is no “plan.” Obama himself can’t articulate what he is trying to sell. The ground keeps moving and shifting, and what “must” be in the plan today, will become something different tomorrow. Sebelius now says that they may drop the “public option.” Don’t be fooled, they have just changed the language from “public option” to “co-ops” which are one and the same thing. The co-ops will still be government controlled and subsidized, and they will still run the private insurers into the ground. They dropped the language of the “death panels” from the still unseen Senate version of the draft. Those Death Panels have already been voted in, and funded, by the stimulus.

      This is not about Healthcare Reform or Health Insurance Reform, this entire move by the Liberals is nothing more than to gain more power over every American citizen. If the final bills in the House and Senate do pass, in a watered down version, they will still accomplish their power grabs by sticking the eliminated or changed items into other bills that have nothing to do with healthcare. The sad part is that they can add public hangings in the bill, and people like Snowe and Collins, the Maine babes, will still vote for it.

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