Truth and Consequences

Just A Little Company Get-Together
by Neal Boortz

Transcript of remarks made by Leo Carrington (who doesn’t exist) to a mandatory meeting of all employees of Carrington Automotive Enterprises, Inc. (which doesn’t exist either) on August 17th, 2009 at the Royal Payne Hotel (a purely imaginary place) in Norfolk, Virginia (which does, in fact, exist).

Now for the rest of the story


4 Responses to “Truth and Consequences”

  1. blueridgeguy Says:

    When will the masses realize that businesses do not pay taxes. It is either their employees or their customers.

    • Sandy Says:

      Bill- Businesses suffer increased taxes in that they must increase the cost of the product or service, and, employees suffer in that they have less pay and benefits. My belief has always been that- everyone has a right to earn a living, but, please don’t try and make your living just on me. Those types of businesses never last. That is why competition is important. A capitalist system encourages competition, it does not remove all small competitors. They price accordingly.

  2. Park? Says:

    Seen this?

    Looks like there will be a little rally on Monday. Anyone want to go counter?

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