Obama’s Friends


One Response to “Obama’s Friends”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Obama is losing friends rapidly. A new poll out by Zogby (left leaning) has him with an overall approval rating at just 45.3% job approval, and 50.5% dissaproval. Even more important is the drop in Independant approval. Only 37.5 approve of the job he is doing, while 59.2% dissaprove.

    Obama won with something like 53% of the vote. Having the support now of only 45.3% he has lost the support of 7.7% of those that voted for him, which is significant. At the rate that he is dropping in the polls, he will be at about the same or even lower approval rating than George Bush was when he left office after 8 years. I have a renewed faith in my fellow Americans.

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