The Difference Between Left and Right

The week before last I was fortunate to be able to attend two different town hall meetings with Congressman Perriello, one in Ruckersville in Greene County a rural community the other in Charlottesville, a college town. The difference between the two was significant.

The Ruckersville town hall had a much larger group of people that were not in favor of government run health care. This group was well informed and had obviously done their homework by at least reading parts of H.R.3200 something our representatives might want to consider. The questions were well posed and the statements to the congressman were well thought out, although people who made statements instead of asking questions were heckled. (For some reason those on the left seem to forget that one of our rights is the ability to petition our representatives:-)

Being from Greene County I was somewhat annoyed when an acquaintance acted surprised that the people at the Ruckersville event seemed to be so well informed. He meant this as a compliment and proceeded to compare the Ruckersville people to the Charlottesville group in which the majority of people supported government run health care. He was not quite as complementary about these people saying that the only thing they seemed able to do was whine about their situation, and folks that is the difference between the whiney Charlottesville intelligentsia and the average folks outside the town.

We have one group of people that want to be left alone to succeed or fail on their own and then there is this group of bed wetters that think it is the responsibility of others to take care of them. From the artist whose husband is an entrepreneur and can’t afford health insurance to the eighteen year old who claims to be independent but wants to know if she will have to get a job working in a cubical just to have insurance coverage. To the artist I say tough it out or go out and get a real job, it is not up to the state to provide you with medical coverage. To the young so called “independent” yes you just might have to get a job after college don’t look to your neighbor to provide for you.

The much larger liberal crowd in Charlottesville generally stayed away from facts and relied on feelings. There were so many sad stories, it was so depressing. Everyone else was to blame for their situation; doctors, insurance companies and government were at fault because they had gotten sick and did not have the money or insurance to get the proper care. This whining went on for hours with the occasional interruption by someone who actually wanted to be left alone and did not want any government help.

If we were to take this group of looters and put them in one state and leave them to their own devices how long would they last? With every one of them relying on the other person to take care of them would anyone get taken care of? Or would they at some point realize that they might have to do something on their own? It would be an interesting experiment. Lets’ give it a shot; Vermont has a lot of empty space.


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3 Responses to “The Difference Between Left and Right”

  1. paige Says:

    exactly… now to the more important question… CAN WE SEND THEM ALL TO ONE STATE? California maybe! : )

  2. Sandy Says:

    You are so correct Bill in that those that live outside of the cities seem to be far more independent, and have learned how to take personal responsibility for their own needs.

    The Liberals always fall back on emotions and feelings when any issue comes up, especially when it comes to government handouts. They could care less if all of the taxpaying citizens are hit with more and more taxes, and those taxpayers also belong to the middle class. The Liberals will not give up until there are only 2 classes, the haves and the have nots. They are willing to give up every freedom we Americans have fought so long and hard for, in exchange for what will become one day a loaf of bread and a few grains of rice.

    The whinners in Cville, at the Perriello townhall were bussed in and paid to antagonize in an emotional way. I suspect the same will happen at his townhall tonight in Cville, or is it Scottsville, oh I forgot it’s back on in Cville. Like Dr. Helmbrecht said the other day, you have to put a GPS device on him to know where he is going to show up.

  3. Carole Says:

    I attended my third town hall tonight – this one at Walton Middle School. I’ll offer just a few observations:

    1) Unlike the town halls I attended in Ruckersville and at the MLK PAC in Charlottesville, this one was not packed to the rafters (no doubt the ever-changing venues affected this).

    2) There were two police officers making their presence known by standing out in front of the main doors to the school as people arrived, and one was perched on each side of the room for the entire 5 hours of the public meeting. From the very start, the mood was decidely more subdued than I experienced at the others…I can only surmise this was part of the reason why.

    3) Unlike the other town halls, no signs were allowed to be put on the stage or set up on display anywhere else in the auditorium. However, attendees were allowed to keep them with them at their seats and raise them whenever the spirit moved them to do so.

    4) Congressman Perriello invited the audience to stand and join him to recite the Pledge of Allegiance while facing the large flag on stage. I know the other two I attended were in school buildings, but I honestly cannot recall if their was a flag in the room at either one (though it is likely there was).

    5) About 30 organized health-care supporters showed up in identical red t-shirts, and I saw the familiar slick printed signs that the DNC or someone is paying for. I did not see any with blue armbands this time. The majority of the red t-shirt crowd left promptly between 8:00-8:05. One has to wonder if they had to “punch out” to get paid 😉

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