Smile, Spit or Swallow?

Saturday September 12, 2009 will be remembered as the day the grass roots caught fire. With over 1 million citizens congregating at our nations capital the politicians didn’t know whether to smile, spit or swallow. With people arriving from all fifty states the Republicans and especially the Democrats still do not know what to make of it.

News channels are reporting tens of thousands showed up when in actuality the numbers where in the high hundreds of thousands. Of course the left wing blogs are coming up with 50 to 70 thousand as an estimate. Anyone who was there will have to laugh at that estimate. There was at least 250 thousand gathered around the capital reflecting pool. My wife and I wandered around for hours and at times could not even make it through the crowd. The people stretched for a mile back to the Washington Monument. Freedom Plaza was so crowded that attendees gave up trying to get there for the march and went directly to the Capital.

Opponents will try to down play what happened yesterday but that is only because they are afraid that we will take our country back. The people have found their voices and the roar of freedom is once again going to be heard throughout our country. We will not let these corrupt Washington bureaucrats sell our rights to the highest bidder. The silent majority has woken and we will be heard.


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13 Responses to “Smile, Spit or Swallow?”

  1. jaberwocky Says:

    The people have found their voices and the roar of freedom is once again going to be heard throughout our country.
    What does that mean? All I saw was a bunch of angry, (verging on incoherent) white people. Even Glenn Beck who initially called for the protest wasn’t there.
    Man, what a let down.

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      Where you there? If not then you have no clue as to what went on, but being clueless has never stops people like you. If you want incoherence keep listening to Reid and Pelosi. Beck did not initially call for the protest, again refer back to my statement about clueless people. It really bothers people like yourself that there is a silent majority that is no longer staying silent. You can deny what occurred as much and for as long as you want but that will not change the facts.

  2. Agnes Says:

    Do you have pictures of the rally? Thanks. Agnes

  3. Steve Says:

    According to Fox News, “Tens of thousands of demonstrators hit the streets of Washington Saturday to protest the federal government.”

    A New Silent Majority? White House Says Health Care Protesters Not in Mainstream, Sept. 14, 2009:

    Now what there was a million of were dollars ($) flowing into Rob Miller’s campaign coffers.

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      Steve I am sure you weren’t there and as typical of the left you are clueless. I was there and and know how crowded it was. I have been to football games that had 60 to 70 thousand attendees and there were at least 10 to 15 times that amount there.

      You guys can ignore and twist the facts as much as you want but that won’t change them. I have to laugh when I hear the reports of tens of thousands, as far as I am concerned you can tell yourself that there were only ten people there. We who attended know better.

      As for the White House and their comments they are as clueless as you are and it will be their down fall. Keep those rose colored glasses on it will just make our job easier.

      Thanks for the laugh it just makes my weekend seem even better.

    • Celia Batten Says:

      According to the park police ( and they should know ), they counted 1.2 million people! Young, old, black, white, conservative, republican, democrat. What does the White House consider “mainstream”? You can’t explain away that kind of crowd
      Bill Hay, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was so uplifted to see that we are not alone!

      Let the revolution begin and let freedom ring!!!!!

  4. Elux Troxl Says:

    And then after the rally against big government and government health care, all the nuts went home and checked their mailbox for their Medicare benefits. Then they made sure their Social Security checks were direct deposited.

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      I was going to add a detailed respond to your asinine comment but changed my mind. Life is to short to deal with people such as yourself who have nothing to add to a debate but insults.

      • Sandy Says:

        Bill- Again, thank you for all you do. The fact that we have some really clueless mindless robots constantly here trying to incite, and peddle their propaganda has become my laugh for the day also. They wouldn’t be here posting if they weren’t very afraid that their side, and their ilk are losing badly. Oh, and just in time for the laugh on them, incredibly Periello is one of the 44 D’s against Government Healthcare if it contains the “public option”, in other words something these freeloading social engineers think they will get for free if it passed.

        As to the number of attendees at the 9/12 rally, it doesn’t matter if 10 people attended. There were 100 more back home that couldn’t attend that support the movement. I noticed above that Steve has once again drank the Axelrod Kool-Aid. When Axelrod made his assinine statement on Sunday, saying that the 9/12’s were not representative of the country, everyone saw right through his lie, even those with their eyes half closed.

    • Celia Batten Says:

      and i guess you’re checking your mail box for your free healthcare!

  5. Susan Says:

    Thank you for organizing the buses, Bill!

  6. Steve Says:

    The Park Police made no such estimate and, in fact, don’t make these sorts of estimates since the Million Man March organizers threatened to sue them for “underestimating” attendance at that event. Just because you wish it to be true doesn’t make it so. Check your facts.

  7. Susan Says:

    Those of us who were there know what we saw! In person the crowd was much more impressive than ANY news report I have seen. We will not be thwarted by those who choose to denigrate what was accomplished. We will keep marching till our voices are heard. And we will vote for the person who best exemplifies our goals.

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