Liberals downplay and suppress historic taxpayer revolt

September 14, 1:57 PM Macon County Conservative Examiner Robert Moon

“We stepped onto the subway at 7:27 a.m., as massive crowds had already begun to form, eagerly trying to make their way to Freedom Plaza to attend the “9/12 March on Washington.” We were sandwiched in shoulder-to-shoulder, back to front, with our signs poking each other and American flags sticking out in every direction.” rest of story


2 Responses to “Liberals downplay and suppress historic taxpayer revolt”

  1. Sandy Says:

    What a wonderful day to be an American, and show real patriotism. It is only the start, and it will only grow. It is most impressive that many, who never attended any protest for anything all came out in support of the overthrow of those that want to turn the always free USA into a Marxist dictatorship. It is not surprising that the MSM would try to turn the day into a non-event. The Liberals surely do ignore the vast majority of American sentiment at their own peril. We are watching the striping of the emporers (and his minions)clothes, and they didn’t have much cloth on to begin with. I am bursting with pride in all who attended both in person, and back home.

  2. Ross Wolf Says:

    Health Bill Raises Economic Concern For Real Estate

    Forced Private Health Insurance Costs, Could Cause Home Buyers Not To Qualify For Home Mortgages.

    Consider how Forced Private Health Insurance Costs might injure the housing market and related industries.

    Sen. Harry Reid’s state, Nevada has the nation’s highest number of foreclosures. Ironically Reid as Senate Majority Leader has the power when bringing together different health-care proposals for a vote, to either help or destroy future home ownership for millions of Americans.

    The Current health insurance proposals mandate Taking 8 to 10 percent of middle class income: that lost income would no longer be available to the middle class to qualify for loans to buy homes or other kinds of property. The costs of government-mandated private health insurance may cause many homebuyers not to qualify for home mortgages. Nevada already suffering from foreclosures might have its housing market decimated. Nationally more homeowners would have difficulty paying their mortgage and credit cards after government takes 8 to 10 percent of their income for forced health insurance and charged penalties.

    Historically, fewer home-buyers, has lowered home selling prices and caused a reduction in property taxes collected by county governments: the current drop in home values and property taxes has forced many county governments to layoff workers and ask federal agencies for money, further increasing federal deficits: that may worsen if home buyers are thwarted by the costs of forced health insurance and penalties.

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