Arby’s Buycott



3 Responses to “Arby’s Buycott”

  1. FC Jackson Says:

    This silly little demonstration that y’all are putting on is laughable. Everyone knows that Arby’s tries to be tacky with their designs; kudos to Albemarle County for trying to keep the aesthetic properties of Albemarle that made people move in quantities that allowed this Arby’s to be successful. This isn’t about flying a flag; you are free to fly a flag of REASONABLE size. If you want to stop tyranny, go after the tyrants in DC, or better yet, those who would pay off our leaders like the military-industrial complex, oil industry, pharmaceuticals, big tobacco, etc. Due to this “buy-in”, I will not purchase a single product from Arby’s Forest Lakes for the rest of my life. This is a smoke screen to drum up sales for a multi-national conglomerate that needs NO help from the populous to fill its agenda. Grow up, and while at it, learn what the REAL tea party was about before desecrating it with your little tax parties, which are ill thought-out to say the least. Remember, your elected officials were put into power by We the People; stop acting like King George is violating your rights. If you have a problem with your elected leaders, vote them out. After all, that is how a Democratic-Republic works, but to push your agenda on everyone else IS tyrannical behavior.

  2. blueridgeguy Says:

    “This is a smoke screen to drum up sales for a multi-national conglomerate that needs NO help from the populous to fill its agenda.”

    I am speechless! This man’s ignorance knows no bounds.

  3. Steve Says:

    “I think things like this at the local level is where we’re going to make a name for ourselves” according to James Curtis, member Jefferson Area Libertarians, October 2003 in response to Albemarle County’s order that the owner of the Forest Lakes Arby’s remove an Arby’s flag from his flag pole as well as other window advertisements that were in violation of County ordinances (from Cavalier Daily, “Slonaker’s Libertarian Beef,” February 26, 2003).
    You’re right BRG, this has nothing to do with filling the coffers of a “multi-national conglomerate.” On the other hand, if you really imagine that “treating your families to a great Arby’s meal” is going to send a message to the County I think you’re sorely mistaken. What’s the plan, fax receipts to the County office building showing the day’s take as evidence that the public doesn’t support them? Why not just put all the money in a pot a send it to the politician of your choice. Let’s please not imagine that the financial success (or lack thereof) of the Forest Lakes Arby’s has anything to do with politics and the “tyranny” of government. This is really just another echo chamber venue for a bunch of frustrated folks to get red in the face and blame someone else for their problems.
    Keep it up – you’re making quite a name for yourselves.

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