Purge Perriello

From Virginia’s 5th District:

Last night at 11:16 PM the United States House of Representatives voted to destroy the American way of life by passing a health care bill that puts more power into the hands of the political hacks in Washington. This bill which passed by only three votes and had one Republican voting for it, Joseph Cao of Louisiana, can now be spun as by-partisan legislation. Thank you Mr. Cao.

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6 Responses to “Purge Perriello”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Tom Perriellos vote for the Healthcare legislation last night should come as no surprise to anyone. I called his Washington office many times throughout the day to ask him to please reconsider voting for this job kill, massive tax increasing bill. All I ever got was a recorded message saying that Congressman Perriello was busy working on the Healthcare legislation, please leave a message. There were reports throughout the day reporting the Democrats that would be voting against this legislation, and, Perriellos name was never among them, even before the Stupak amendment was voted on. The Stupak amendment was an effort to keep federal funds for paying for abortions. John Boehner asked, on the house floor, if he could get a guarantee that the amendment would be honored, and, he was told no. If I am not mistaken, Mr. Perriello is a Catholic, and one of the very basic principles of Catholics is anti-abortion. How do you explain that Mr. Perriello, even though you have had a minister of some sort on local radio advertising that you would “do the right thing”?

    As I said above, no one should be surprised that Mr. Perriello, whose only known source of income, prior to his election, was from Progressive non-profits that were funded by George Soros. Also, George Soros, along with all of his family members, gave the maximum donations to Perriello’s 2008 campaign. In other words, as I’ve read elsewhere, Tom Perriello is a bought and paid for Soros Progressive. Remember when he brought Van Jones here for a photo-op, before Van Jones was forced ro resign because he is an avowed and self-proclaimed communist.

  2. Sandy Says:

    I forgot to mention above, when Perriello was on local talk radio last Monday, he was asked if he would vote for the House Healthcare bill, as it stood, and he said no. Other than the Stupak amendment, which can’t be guaranteed, nothing much has changed with the bill. So, why did Mr. Perriello say he wouldn’t vote for it?

  3. tommoriarty Says:

    The house has passed a health care bill.

    There will be a revolt, one way or another.

    Best Regards

  4. Ashley Says:

    I am in the first district of VA, so I won’t have the chance to hand Mr. Perriello his pinkslip, but I will do all I can to get the word out to folks up there.

  5. Sandy Says:

    I’ve just finished reading the front page article in the Daily (New York Times) Progress, “Periello Becomes a Bellwether.” As usual, the article had it’s Liberal slant, and obvious support for Perriello. It’s true, the 5th District is becoming the NY 23rd District debacle.

    As most know, the NRCC, National Republican Congressional Committee, supported the most Liberal Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafava. I’ve heard her referred to as a “moderate”, however, there was nothing close to moderate in her positions on many issues. She proved that to be true, when she dropped out of the race, and endorsed the Democrat Owens. Doug Haffman, who ran on the Conservative Party ticket, who only entered the race 18 weeks before the election, had no name recognition and never ran a campaign before, was beat by only 3%. Had he been choosen as the candidate to begin with, he would have handily beat the Democrat. Owens, who said in the campaign that he was against “the Public Option” in the healthcare debate, within days of his election, voted for the House healthcare bill, that included the “Public Option.”

    Aren’t we all very tired of our elected officials saying one thing in their campaigns, and, then going to Washington, and doing the opposite of what they promised?

    In the Daily Digress article, they are quoting Andy Sere, the national spokesperson for the NRCC, as saying that the committee is backing State Senator Robert Hurt as the Republican candidate to run against Perriello. So, once again, the NRCC is trying to choose the Republican candidate for the 5th District, simply because “he has a proven ability to win elections.” That is disheartening. It doesn’t matter to the NRCC that Mr. Hurt voted for then Governor Mark Warner’s $1.4 billion tax hike package to increase the state sales tax. It doesn’t matter to them that his tax hike vote was included in The Hill’s article on the 10 most stupid things a Republican/Conservative could do. I heard Mr. Hurt, as one of the Republican contenders, speaking on the Joe Thomas forum on Monday morning, and, he stuttered and stumbled, and didn’t seem able to answer Mr. Thomas’ questions. After hearing all of the candidates, I thought he did the worst job. Yet, the NRCC has once again jumped into a local Republican field of candidates, and, long before they even knew what the field would look like, decided to back yet another candidate who, at least as far as fiscal issues, cannot claim to be in favor of the constituients in the area.

    Then we have Bradley Rees, who very recently decided to back out of the Republican field, and, has become a third party candidate. Looking into Mr. Rees, as a possibility for 2010, I long ago decided that an uneducated, every knucle tattoed, no record, recently arrested for having several unregistered guns in his car, hey I’m going to get my minute of fame candidate, had little chance of gaining any support, and would surely insure another win for Perriello. And, low and behold, the article has quoted him as saying he made his decision to leave the Republican party field, because he was dissapointed with the frontrunners. And, “It may only amount to drawing enough votes away from the Republican to insure Perriello another win. If so, so be it. Maybe then, the party will understand that we are trying to save the GOP from it’s worst enemy, not the democrats, but themselves.” I knew I had pegged him correctly long ago. What Mr. Rees has missed, is that he is the parties biggest enemy, and is acting like a spoiled child, and is doing nothing more than trying to spite the voters that would never have elected him to begin with.

    Yup, strap yourselves in, because we are in for a very rough ride in trying to oust one of the 5 most vulnerable Reps. in the nation. It should be a walk in the park.

  6. damn socialism Says:


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