Tea Party Banned From Perriello’s Office

The Jefferson Area Tea Party has been officially banned from the area around Congressman Tom Perriello’s office. The landlord of the building where Perriello’s office is located, Lisa Murphy, has convince the local officials that recent protests outside the office is negatively affecting the other tenants in the building. continued


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One Response to “Tea Party Banned From Perriello’s Office”

  1. michael Says:

    it’s actually that the property manager has asked the police not to allow protests or political demonstrations on her property at all. the TEA Party folks aren’t being singled out, and they’re not being barred from visiting the Congressman’s office. and, in terms of personal property rights, they don’t need any reason at all to ask the police to bar people from the premises. TEA Party folks (and anyone else) are still welcome to demonstrate on the publicly owned sidewalk.

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