GOP Buries Grassroots

“This afternoon the business as usual Republican unit chairs of the 5th district chose to ignore the outcry from the grassroots and majority of congressional candidates and voted for a primary to decide the 5th district GOP congressional candidate. The vote was not even close with 19 voting for a primary and 13 against.” Virginia5thDistrict blog.

Roughly a hundred people showed up at this district meeting voicing their desire for a convention to choose the next GOP congressional candidate. This meeting was very reminiscent of the Perriello town halls in which the people express there opinion and then Tom chooses to ignore them. I expected that from someone of Perriello’s ilk but thought that the unit chairs of the republican party would be different. I was wrong.

From the start it was obvious what direction this vote would take, it was to head in a direction that would favor the middle of the road candidate, Robert Hurt. It was quite painful watching this process knowing that the decision had been made even before the meeting started. The fix was in and had been so ever since Hurt announced his candidacy and the NRCC put him forth as the candidate of choice. The one thing I learned today is that it is impossible to fight the machine on it’s own terms.

I am thinking that it is time to change the terms. An independent took control of the NY 23rd race why not the Virginia 5th? Something to ponder.


16 Responses to “GOP Buries Grassroots”

  1. Dana Hale Says:

    BRING ON THE INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE! The time is right and the candidate is there. The 5th district has gone Independent in the past, and we are headed that way again.

  2. SandyC Says:

    Dana Hale- You have got to be kidding me. The candidate is already there? Who Bradley Rees, the same one who has his knuckles tatooed, the same one who was arrested with unauthorized guns in his vehicle, the one that has no education other than being a factory worker, the one who can’t raise any money, the one who would have to be given a diagram to find the bathroom in the Congress. I believe that anyone who wants to run for a Congressional seat has the freedom to do so, however they should come from some kind of experience. Rees is a joke, and, is only there because he had a hissy fit because he wasn’t the choosen one with his long term, no money, no support campaign. You can’t really believe that he could beat Soros/Perriello.

    • Dana Says:

      What are you talking about? I didn’t say anything about Brad Rees, and as of now, he’s not even in the race anymore–he WITHDREW back in October. So aside from your obvious personal bias against him because of his appearance, get straight on who the candidates are at this point and get off your high horse. I’m disgusted at shallow deduction of him based his choice of work; at least he’s got an honest job, unlike most of our career politicians in DC. Is that truly your thought process for selecting a candidate? Appearance? I bet you vote for the guy with the best hair too, right?

      And unauthorized guns? What are “unauthorized guns”? Here in VA, we don’t have to register guns, if that’s what you are trying to imply. Do you even know what you are talking about? He didn’t have a concealed weapons permit, and that’s why he got in trouble. Again, get the facts straight before you start typing. No need to mouth off at me anyway, because when one assumes things (like you assumed my support for Brad), one generally ends up looking like a fool. Case in point.

      There are 6 of 7 GOP candidates who could go independent if they wanted to, and I’m hoping that MY party (the LP) might still put a candidate on the ballot, which would make me infinitely happy b/c then I’d have a dog in the fight. If not, I’d be happy to see Verga to go Independent.

      Comments like yours make me want to stick a fork in my eye.

  3. freedom man Says:

    Speaking of candidates, does anyone think that any potential candidate should be subjected to the RNC Resolution on Reagan’s Unity Principle (just to make sure they are pure enough for us). More info on this is at:
    Does anyone here believe that there should be even more stringent (or more lax) requirements?

  4. Republican Says:

    The solution is not the independent movement. Not until you fix the rigged system that favors R or D. The solution is to take over the local Republican party from within. Then every dollar that gets sent our way we funnel away from the “chosen” candidate that they put forward and on to OUR candidate. It’s so easy. Come February be ready for some big changes.

  5. paige Says:

    I personally want nothing to do with the Republican party, especially after what I saw on Saturday. I showed up in Appoomattox an hour early and was sickened by how the republican representation LAUGHED & MOCKED the TEA Party members. Yes. They gathered by a window pointing and laughing. Laughing at your signs that said “CONVENTION”. How does that make any of you feel?

    We show up with our signs and passion when we oppose a dem plan and that’s A OK!!! but God forbid you expect openness and honesty from them. The Republican party is a rotting corpse. An Independent candidate is exactly whats needed now.

  6. Mike Wade Says:

    Let me get this straight, a secret ballot is improper if used by Party officials to keep themselves from being subjected to harassment and undue pressures. But when we fight the Card Check bill and the further expansion of unions its okay and should be provided for Union members to be able to vote without retribution. Why dont we focus our energies on Bobby Scott the greatest socialist since Karl Marx? Also what about the the concept of majority vote, is that now antiquated and unfitting this situation?

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      The people voting were elected officials, the people who elected them should be able to know whether they are being represented or not. Hardly the same as a secret ballot for a union vote. Lets compare apples to apples.

  7. SandyC Says:

    Dana Hale- Before you attempt to correct others, you should make sure that your corrections are correct. Bradley Rees has not withdrawn from the 5th district race. He changed the party that he will run for from Republican to the Virginia Conservative party.

    Rees made this comment-

    “It may amount to only drawing enough votes from the Republican candidate, to ensure Perriello a second term, if so, so be it. Maybe then the party will understand that we are trying to save the GOP from it’s worst enemy-not the Democrats, but themselves.”

    You are correct Dana, I was petty to knock Rees’ looks. I am not wrong to say that Mr. Rees has displayed a large degree of either naive or unintelligent thinking. He doesn’t seem to understand or care for the residents of the 5th district he is hoping to represent, in saying that if Perriello wins again, oh well. That alone should be an indication of why the Rees campaign never got out of reverse, despite the length of time he has spent trying to build himself up. He misses the fact that he is not punishing the Republican party, but rather the residents of the 5th district. I believe the majority is intelligent enough to see that.

    As to Mr Rees’ decision to carry weapons in his vehicle without the legally required conceal carry permit again shows either one of two things. Either he is not even aware of the law, or, he decided to just break the law. Whatever the facts are, it should disqualify him from public service. We have enough of both those types in Washington now, from both parties. If you don’t agree with the law, work to change that law, not just excuse away the fact that someone chose to ignore it. That’s as bad as the shennagians of the very same people you are trying to get rid of. You can’t have it both ways.

    Fortunately, YOUR party, the Libertarians, are as viable as Bradley Rees. They have never gained the first skin cell of a toe hold in this country, nor will they for a very long time. The more rational and reasonable Libertarians have gotten the message, and are working within the Republican party to insure conservative candidates. They get it. The conservative movement in this country is growing rapidly. It is Libertarians like you, that are like spoiled children, and insist that everyone see things their way. You don’t seem to see that you are working to insure the Radical Left communists currently occupying the WH and Congress just keep on winning. You just throw temper tantrums and hissy fits.

    • Dana Says:

      Let me say it again, Rees has not announced his intention to run for any other party, only a consideration. Why are we still talking about him anyway? If you have a problem with him, take it up with him. NOT ME–I have nothing to do with it.

      Your argument against the LP is weak; it’s a simpleton’s argument. I am a voter of principle, and I stand by the LP values and stance on issues. If you choose not to vote based on principle, then that is your choice. The GOP does not represent me. So WHY would I vote for a party that doesn’t represent me? What would be the difference in voting for a Democrat–I don’t agree with them either. In reading your emotional and irrational responses to me, I’d say YOU were the one throwing a hissy fit. Again, what are you talking about? I have done nothing but respond rationally and reasonably to your outlandish and offensive replies that put down someone based on their looks. And as for your comment, “…insist that everyone see things their way,” isn’t that exactly what you are doing to me? You really could benefit from a class in rhetorical argument and debate if you ever hope to be effective.

      And on a side note, if you think using personal attacks against me is going to bully me into voting for your party (GOP?), then your psychology is WAY off. Looks like someone’s mama forgot to teach them that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

      I just wrote a blog post about people just like you last night.

    • paige Says:

      wow sandy. your attacks on others that think a bit differently than you are no different than the actions displayed by the republicans in appomattox on saturday. so i would say… yeah… you are exactly where you need to be, in the GOP… but I do wonder… what the founders would have thought of what you just said. some of us are tired of “settling” for the lesser of the two evils and i happen to be one of those people. i’m not a libertarian but maybe i should consider it since their movement obviously needs more skin cells and i definitely am not interested in people bashing others that support and promote liberty.

    • paige Says:

      SandyC, Since I am unable to comment on your last reply to Dana, (12.18.2009 12.23pm) I will have to do so here. You do realize you are attacking the person who started the Lynchburg Tea Party. Right? I was under the impression that Tea Party folks were interested in seeing an end to all government corruption. That would be Republican and Democrat. Instead you sound like the very thing many in the media were warning about… that the Tea Party was just an arm of the Republican party. That their anger wasn’t with the out of control government bloating, but instead just what the D’s were doing. Simply angry their horse lost. Looking thru an objective lens, it is evident that BOTH parties are responsible for the state we find ourselves in, as well as those who have enabled them. If you haven’t learned that then you should just go crawl under your big ‘R’ rock. The difference between the two parties is not where they are taking us, just how quickly we are going to get there. Enjoy living in denial.

  8. Dana Says:

    And on a side note, the LP is third largest political party in the USA. So much for your skin cell of a toe (or whatever weird comment that was) argument.

  9. Will Says:

    Has anyone looked at candidate, Mike McPadden? Is he not the liberty/tea party candidate in the race? I’m seriously asking because I am not familiar with the others.

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