Tea Party Workshop In Lynchburg

This workshop is free. Joy C. Jones, founder of the Reagan Institute for Conservative Leadership PAC, is going to be the instructor. This is NOT a seminar telling you how to lead or organize your specific group, rather it is going to offer information of the basic political system and how to organize to influence and change it allowing you to educate your members. Anyone interested in attending please rsvp to the number or email address on the flyer which is linked below.



2 Responses to “Tea Party Workshop In Lynchburg”

  1. Mark Brooks Says:

    I guess you will just have a reputation now as someone who is afraid to hear opposing viewpoints. Kind of childish isn’t it Bill?

    Of course you are welcome on my blog as well. Discussion doesn’t hurt anything, even is it is heated. It is this “lets pretend we have no opposition” that really is bad.

    Of course if you continue to delete my comments, I will have to talk about it sooner or later. I don’t think you want things to go that way, do you?

    So far, you don’t even come and defend yourself.

    • blueridgeguy Says:

      Actually if you would happen to read my other blogs you would know that I welcome dissent. But your comment that was deleted was nothing but an attack on me and otheres that had nothing to do with the post.”If you all had any facts, you would be dangerous. Carry on your insipid campaign to pump up Bill OReilly and that mental case Glenn Beck.” This was posted on a post Keith Olberman Criticizes Tea Party and Rutherford Institute. Nothing in your comment had anything to do with the post, it was just a personal attack so it was deleted because it added nothing to the debate. Then you tweet this”I’d like to thank Bill Hay, teabagger extraordinary, for deleting my comment from one of his stupid blogs. I guess he didn’t want to engage”. If you bothered to actually read the post that you commented on you would know what I think of the the term” teabagger”, when you throw around personal insults don’t expect any consideration from me.

      P.S. You need to look up the word discussion in the dictionary, so far your only comments are personal attacks.

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