Vandalism at Perriello’s a Repulsive Act – Should be Punished to Fullest Extent of the Law

The Jefferson Area Tea Party is shocked to learn of the gas line incident at the home of Congressman Tom Perriello’s brother, and relieved to know that no one was hurt as a result.

We sincerely hope that the perpetrator of this repulsive act is apprehended quickly and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Pending the results of the FBI investigation, we ask the public to not jump to conclusions that the perpetrator is a tea party participant.

The Jefferson Area Tea Party is proud of its record of peaceful and respectful rallies, forums, and events. We encourage our members to conduct their political discourse in the public forum in a passionate, but civil manner.


5 Responses to “Vandalism at Perriello’s a Repulsive Act – Should be Punished to Fullest Extent of the Law”

  1. P Reed Says:

    You can’t inflame people to do things then wash your hands of it. You are responsible for the actions of your drones.

  2. cardinalcrossing Says:

    It was a Squirrel, P Reed enjoy your crow!

  3. M Sullivan Says:

    Targeting a politician’s family is reprehensible, and the Tea Party members that posted Tom Perriello’s brother’s address should be held accountable to the rest of the membership, at the very least. (Way to check your facts, idiots.) Someone could have been badly burned, possibly killed, by the members that perpetrated this crime.

    Although it remains to be seen if the terrorist responsible for cutting the propane line was an actual Tea Party member, it IS known that the address was posted by Tea Party members. What has the Jefferson Area Tea Party done about them?

  4. sendtosw Says:

    Right, P. Reed. Being a Tea Partier, when I think, “hmmm…what’ll I do to really help my cause? You know, I just lie awake at night pondering, you know what I come up with?

    I think “I know! I’ll commit precisely, exactly the kind of act that will completely turn people off and make them think all we are is a bunch of wackos….just like the news media is trying to convince them we are…”

    Hey, wait a minute…

  5. Clay Ramsay Says:

    Has the Jefferson Area Tea Party died?

    What is going on? I cannot believe NOTHING is planned for April 15th. Are we all Happy Taxpayers now? ? ? Or has everyone here given up?

    Last year there was a very good event on Tax Day, and a great on one Independence Day.

    I am very disappointed to see absolutely nothing planned.

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