Tea Party vs Coffee Party

Recently on the Rob Schilling Show Carole Thorpe Chairperson of the Jefferson Area Tea Party appeared in studio and Eric Byler (co-founder of the Coffee Party) called in to the show. They discussed their personal political journeys, the principles of the organizations, the size and scope of the Federal government, the issue of civility, and more. Here is a link to a pod cast of the conversation,


3 Responses to “Tea Party vs Coffee Party”

  1. Coffee Partier Says:

    That was pretty shady of this Schilling guy to not mention this Soros rumor until AFTER Eric lost his connection.

    Its garbage by the way. I’m one of those volunteer organizers, and I can tell you, if there is money in this organization, none of us have seen any of it. Have you SEEN our website?!? haha

  2. Discourse Says:

    I listened to it and was really turned off by the bias displayed. Coffee Party USA has never been a Liberal counter against the Tea Party. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/note.php?note_id=373087208538
    The more than 201,000 members have the same goals as the Tea Party but were really turned off by what happened at the Health Care Reform Townhalls, and the Tea Party’s anti-government/anti-Obama focus. The Coffee Party USA believes in a different approach through education and through joining together for solutions and find common ground.

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