2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party

You are invited to the Jefferson Area Tea Party’s second annual Tax Day Tea Party on Thursday, April 15, 2010. We’ve planned a great event, and have allotted plenty of time to hear from you! Here the schedule of events:

Main U.S. Post Office Facility (1155 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA), 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Golden Corral Steakhouse (1185 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA) , 6:00-7:30 p.m.

At the afternoon event at the U. S. Post Office, you and hundreds of Tea Party Patriots will recognize that we are Taxed Enough Already-– how appropriate on Tax Day! Several speakers will speak to patriotic, Constitutional, and pro-American themes. Participants including you will be given the opportunity to speak at the event to express your personal opinions on the direction of our country.

You are encouraged to bring signs expressing your views on the current state of the union (please ensure they are appropriate for public display). And to make it worth your effort, judges will select the best signs in several categories!

At our evening event, Patriots are invited to a Dutch treat dinner at the Golden Corral Steakhouse. Additional speakers will share their perspectives, and the sign contest winners will be announced.

You are encouraged NOT to park at the post office facility, but rather in the far / remote lot of the Golden Corral Steakhouse, which is a short walk to the post office facility.

Tell a friend
Bring someone
Be a Patriot!


3 Responses to “2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party”

  1. bouncy castle hire weston super mare Says:

    I wish we were this community spirited in the UK….

    Maybe I should move to Jefferson Area !!


  2. MEF Says:

    Somebody needs to get the ball rolling to defeat the VAT Tax that is coming in by the “back door”. Sen. Kerry is already talking about the “benefits” of a VAT Tax on all U.S. goods and services.
    Here’s the problem. The VAT Tax was already tried: in 1710 under the absolutist Louis XIV of France. One of his councillors came up with a VAT Tax that would be applied to all stages of production of goods in France—AND, it would TAKE THE PLACE of all the other onerous taxes extant in France at the time. However: Louis XIV put this new tax ON TOP OF all the other taxes—just like Congress (and Obama, just not saying so) want to do in this country!
    Result in 1710? Any remaining financial health of France was ruined (also note that France was fighting at least two wars at this time); the people were completely crushed under the new tax; anybody who had money and/or “connections” got out of paying the new tax.
    The VAT Tax of 1710 France, and the revulsion to its imposition, were part of the general run-up to 1789 and the French Revolution.

  3. teapartybill Says:

    Here’s hoping for a huge turnout and no infiltrators!


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