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Purge Perriello

November 8, 2009

From Virginia’s 5th District:

Last night at 11:16 PM the United States House of Representatives voted to destroy the American way of life by passing a health care bill that puts more power into the hands of the political hacks in Washington. This bill which passed by only three votes and had one Republican voting for it, Joseph Cao of Louisiana, can now be spun as by-partisan legislation. Thank you Mr. Cao.

Rest of post at: Purge Perriello


Virginia 5th District Blog

September 20, 2009

For those who may be interested I have started a new blog entitled Virginia’s 5th District. The aim of this blog is to attempt to keep citizens of the 5th informed about what is taking place in politics on the state and national level that might affect those of us in the district.

The Jefferson Area Tea Party site will be maintained in order to keep people informed as to JATP happenings. I look forward to reading the insightful comments on these blogs both pro and con, this type of discourse is what makes our country great.

Smile, Spit or Swallow?

September 13, 2009

Saturday September 12, 2009 will be remembered as the day the grass roots caught fire. With over 1 million citizens congregating at our nations capital the politicians didn’t know whether to smile, spit or swallow. With people arriving from all fifty states the Republicans and especially the Democrats still do not know what to make of it.

News channels are reporting tens of thousands showed up when in actuality the numbers where in the high hundreds of thousands. Of course the left wing blogs are coming up with 50 to 70 thousand as an estimate. Anyone who was there will have to laugh at that estimate. There was at least 250 thousand gathered around the capital reflecting pool. My wife and I wandered around for hours and at times could not even make it through the crowd. The people stretched for a mile back to the Washington Monument. Freedom Plaza was so crowded that attendees gave up trying to get there for the march and went directly to the Capital.

Opponents will try to down play what happened yesterday but that is only because they are afraid that we will take our country back. The people have found their voices and the roar of freedom is once again going to be heard throughout our country. We will not let these corrupt Washington bureaucrats sell our rights to the highest bidder. The silent majority has woken and we will be heard.

DC 9-12 March

September 13, 2009


Bill 082

Working On Third Bus To DC

August 27, 2009

Response has been great for our bus trip to DC on September 12th. We have filled up the second bus and have decided to shoot for a third one. We have room for another 45 people so tell your friends and relatives, this will be one of the largest conservative rallies to be held in the district in years and for only $35 you can be a part of it. Let your representatives know that we will not put up with out of control spending, socialization of our government and the addition of massive debt that will be left to our children and grandchildren.

The buses will be leaving from the JC Penny end of Fashion Square Mall in Charlottesville. Departure is scheduled for 7AM so plan on being there by 6:30. There will be volunteers to check you onto the buses. We ask that at least one person in your party have a cell phone, the volunteers will need that number in case we have to get in touch with you at the end of the day. Maps and additional information will be handed out upon boarding the buses.We will return by approximately 9 PM that same evening. The buses have room for storage of back packs and incidentals.

Upon arriving in DC we will be dropped off at Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Ave. where the march is scheduled to begin, the 9/12 Group will have volunteers along the route to assist people as needed. The route is about .8 miles long so wear comfortable walking shoes. For those who may have difficulties walking there are metro stops along the way that will take you to the Capital Building were the march ends and the rally is to take place.

At the end of the day the buses that will be taking us back to Charlottesville will pick us up at Union Station which is about 4 blocks from the Capital Building. You will need to be at the Station by 6 PM and the buses will leave at 6:30. Make sure you check in with one of the volunteers before boarding the return bus, we do not want to leave anyone behind.

For those of you who want additional information please fill out the contact form.


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Mason Weaver, San Diego, CA
John Tate, Campaign for Liberty
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN)
Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots
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Brendan Steinhauser, FreedomWorks
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Kellen Giuda, New York City
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Rev. CL Bryant, Shreveport, Louisiana
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Chris Cassone
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Rep. Tom Price (GA)
Rep. Michelle Bachmann (MN)
Doc Thompson, Richmond, Virginia
Mario Lopez, Hispanic Leadership Fund
Toby Marie Walker, Waco, TX
Andrew Moylan, NTU
Kelly Hoag, Austin, TX
Bruce Bellot


Andrew Moylan, National Taxpayers Union
Hi Caliber, Mr. Conservative (music)
Charles Lollar, Maryland
Nic Lott, Mississippi
Diana Reimer, Pennsylvania Tea Party Patriots
Phillip Dennis, Dallas Tea Party Patriots
Tom Gaitens, Florida
Debbie Dooley, Georgia
Lee Doren, Bureaucrash
Everett Wilkinson, Florida Tea Party Patriots
Angela McGlowan
Toby Walker, Waco Tea Party Patriots
Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks

Here is a link to a site that has additional information on the march

Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!

August 24, 2009

Obama’s real views on private health care.

“I don’t believe we will be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There is going to be potentially some transition process. I can envision a decade out or 15 years out or a decade out…I happen to be a proponent of single payer universal health care.”

Is This What You Want?

NDP leaks health agency plan to cut 6,000 surgeries in Metro Vancouver area
VICTORIA, B.C. – The B.C. NDP says huge cuts in surgeries are being planned for the Vancouver area starting in September…”They may say that this is a proposal, but it’s the proposal to close 13.5 operating rooms, to cut 6,250 surgeries, to cut 112 positions, including 13 anaesthesiology positions, and to undermine their long-term ability to deal with increasing health challenges over the next decade.”
Health Minister Kevin Falcon told health authorities last month to cut $360 million to avoid deficits

Where Will The Canadians Go Once We Have Obamacare?

Canadians visit U.S. to get health care


Hospitals in border cities, including Detroit, are forging lucrative arrangements with Canadian health agencies to provide care not widely available across the border.
Agreements between Detroit hospitals and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for heart, imaging tests, bariatric and other services provide access to some services not immediately available in the province, said ministry spokesman David Jensen.

There Will Be More of This Under Obamacare

Dialysis for immigrants drives hospital into debt
Associated Press Aug. 17, 2009, 6:30AM

A Las Vegas hospital providing emergency dialysis services to 80 illegal immigrants says that accounts for much of its operating deficit.The University Medical Center says the treatment will cost it about $24 million this fiscal year, aggravating a budget deficit that is expected to approach $70 million.

Numbers They Don’t Want You To Know

The myth of the uninsured
July 10, 3:34 PM
Raleigh Libertarian Examiner Danielle Cuave

When the Current Population Survey (CPS) calculated how many people they believed were uninsured (they came to a 47 million estimation), they counted anyone who was without insurance for at least one day in a year… In addition, statistics state that of the half that were uninsured for less than a year, they were typically left without insurance for less than one month over a two-year period. This would bring the number closer to 23 million of Americans having no insurance for one year… Of the uninsured, about ten million of them are illegal aliens, and even more are legal residents. This makes the claim that “42 million Americans are uninsured” factually incorrect…

Danville TEA Party Leaders Thrown Off Property at Perriello Town Hall Event

July 19, 2009

Danville TEA Party leaders thrown off property at Perriello
town hall event, then tailed by unmarked police car

BLAIRS, Va. – Danville TEA Party leaders Nigel Coleman and Bobby Conner Saturday attended a local town hall meeting featuring two presidential cabinet members and hosted by Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Va., where they were refused an opportunity to ask the congressman a question and were then told by a plainclothes policeman to leave the property after they attempted to hold up signs urging Perriello to vote against a government takeover of healthcare. The TEA Party activists peacefully complied, but say an unmarked police car then followed them to a local restaurant where an officer left his vehicle, walked over to their cars, and phoned in their license plate numbers.

The event was held on a privately-owned farm in Blairs, Va. and featured Perriello, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, and Energy Secretary Tom Vilsack, all of whom talked about creating “green” jobs and the recent Cap and Trade bill.

“First, I was disappointed that Congressman Perriello refused to take hard questions from his constituents about where he stands on Nancy Pelosi’s trillion-dollar socialized medicine scheme,” Coleman said. “But I was outraged by the intimidation tactics we then experienced after merely attempting to ask him a question and, after being denied that chance, tryng to hold up some signs urging him to vote against a government takeover of America’s health care system.”

“This is another reason taxpayers are angry at our federal government, their treating citizens who are simply exercising our Constitutional free speech rights as if we’re terrorists,” Coleman said.

Conner said, “We have the right as Americans — without suffering intimidation tactics by police — to personally ask our congressman why he voted for the Cap and Trade energy tax increase that he admits he never read, and whether he’ll vote for the trillion-dollar Obama-Pelosi healthcare bill.”

Coleman and Connor are the Danville TEA party organizers who organized two recent TEA party rallies, one on July 4th and another on July 17th at Perriello’s Danville office to protest the upcoming socialized healthcare bill.

Coleman said that TEA Party activists this summer will pressure Perriello to vote against government-controlled healthcare “over the phone, by mail, at his district offices, or on his front doorstep, if necessary, starting right now.”

Story courtesy of Gerald Adams

Independence Day Celebration Attendance Poll

June 17, 2009

Local Patriot’s Unpublished Letter to The Editor

June 15, 2009

“While we are witnessing the death of democracy at the hands of our own federal government, Tom Perriello is refusing to support an act that would require congress to uphold our Constitution ! The “Enumerated Powers Act” would simply require congress to specify what part of the Constitution gives them the authority to enact a law. Many states are concerned about the socialist direction of our Federal government so they are supporting this resolution to protect the rights of their citizens under the 9th and 10th Amendments. Apparently, Mr. Perriello isn’t as interested in protecting our rights as he is in spending our money. He has been very busy running up debt for expensive socialist policies, giving free health care to illegals and taxing our tobacco farmers out of business during an economic recession. There are too many reasons to be upset with Tom Perriello, but as the voice of the 5th District of Virginia, his refusal to support our constitution and our rights as Americans is unforgivable.

The state of Virginia will not defend democracy. According to “Freedom in the 50 States” published by George Mason University, Virginia “lags far behind on both economic and personal freedom.” The fact is many of Virginia’s elected representatives in both parties don’t believe in personal freedom or democracy for our state or federal government. Tom Perriello, Jim Webb, Mark Warner, and Gov. Tim Kaine consider themselves Progressive socialists and we can not expect any of them to defend our rights when they have been taking away the freedom of Virginians for many years. As the people of Virginia, we must start defending ourselves.

We are witnessing the socialist takeover of our country but our federal and state governments are hoping we wont notice until it’s too late to stop them. Once liberty dies, we will not get it back. Using bailouts and stimulus the federal government is taking over our economy. They are purposely using the economic crisis to massively expand government control in the name of “stimulus.” All federal government “gifts” come with strings attached, allowing government control into every aspect of our lives. It is a fatal mistake to consider any of this as free money or benefits for the American people. “We, the people” will be paying historically high taxes for generations to come, just to keep up the monster our government has created.

Right now, our government is spending 400 million dollars just to find more ways to tax us. Federal taxes will be going up and it could reach as high as 50% of income for our children and grandchildren. Added to this will be a “Value Added Tax”, a 25% Federal sales tax added to EVERYTHING we buy. They are also adding an energy tax called the “Cap and Trade ” which will be added to the cost of gasoline and will increase your utility bill 2000 to 3000 dollars a year. It is not difficult to see how our socialist government plans to enslave us all with these excessive taxes to feed their monster. When Mr. Perriello brings home “stimulus,” shouldn’t we weigh it against the costs to our freedom and prosperity. This isn’t a fair trade, and it is morally wrong to pass this legacy of socialism and debt to our children and grandchildren.

We are a socialist country now, but our government is quickly moving toward fascism. They are threatening our gun rights, free speech, health care and Christianity. By next year, we will not recognize America anymore and it may be too late to stop them. It is time to draw a line in the sand and fight back. Our battle begins with Tom Perriello. ALL of us need to call Mr. Perriello’s office in Washington DC at 202-225-4711. Tell his staff that we, the people of the 5th District of Virginia demand he support our constitutional rights and the Enumerated Powers Act. And, we will not tolerate any of their plans to raise our taxes to pay for this governments out of control spending. We all need to call back often, until he hears us. Please talk to your friends, family and coworkers about the future of our country and the choice of socialism and fascism or democracy. If you decide to choose democracy, offer your talents and voice to the cause and join the revolution. Go to The Jefferson Area Tea Party at and take part in the many battles underway for our freedom. To stay informed, send your requests for email updates on the Virginia revolution to We are urging everyone especially veterans, church groups and college students to plan to attend the march on Washington DC on July 4th, our Independence Day.”

Letter to the Editor
Written by Concerned Citizen Patricia E.

Note:Patricia has attempted to have this letter published in several newspapers in the southern part of the 5th district and was told by one editor that her letter was of no interest to her readers. I encourage everyone to become involved through phone calls, faxes, letters to the editor as well as local and regional rallies. Don’t forget about the Charlottesville Independence Day Celebration and Tea Party, tell your friends and neighbors. Since our representatives will not be in Washington we will be inviting them to our Tea Party, to hear the people not to speak at it.

Cap And Tax!

May 22, 2009

Henry Waxman’s Cap and Trade Bill has passed out of the Energy and Commerce Committee on a 33 to 25 vote with all but 4 Democrats and 1 Republican voting for it. Be aware that this bill will increase the price of any product that uses fossil fuel energy in it’s production, which means everything! Of course besides the increase in products your home energy bill will show a considerable jump over the next couple of years. HOW’S THAT CHANGE WORKING FOR YOU?

Unless you are happy about this indirect tax increase I would suggest that you contact your congressman and let him know that you expect him to vote against this bill. Besides increasing our cost of living it will also succeed in driving jobs out of our country and putting some people out of business.

In the Virginia 5th District contact Tom Periello at:

520 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4711
Fax: (202) 225-5681

I am pretty sure Mr. Perriello supports this bill but if enough of us contact him we may be able to change his mind. Additional information about the cost of this bill can be found in this Wall Street Journal article.