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Smile, Spit or Swallow?

September 13, 2009

Saturday September 12, 2009 will be remembered as the day the grass roots caught fire. With over 1 million citizens congregating at our nations capital the politicians didn’t know whether to smile, spit or swallow. With people arriving from all fifty states the Republicans and especially the Democrats still do not know what to make of it.

News channels are reporting tens of thousands showed up when in actuality the numbers where in the high hundreds of thousands. Of course the left wing blogs are coming up with 50 to 70 thousand as an estimate. Anyone who was there will have to laugh at that estimate. There was at least 250 thousand gathered around the capital reflecting pool. My wife and I wandered around for hours and at times could not even make it through the crowd. The people stretched for a mile back to the Washington Monument. Freedom Plaza was so crowded that attendees gave up trying to get there for the march and went directly to the Capital.

Opponents will try to down play what happened yesterday but that is only because they are afraid that we will take our country back. The people have found their voices and the roar of freedom is once again going to be heard throughout our country. We will not let these corrupt Washington bureaucrats sell our rights to the highest bidder. The silent majority has woken and we will be heard.


DC 9-12 March

September 13, 2009


Bill 082

The Difference Between Left and Right

August 25, 2009

The week before last I was fortunate to be able to attend two different town hall meetings with Congressman Perriello, one in Ruckersville in Greene County a rural community the other in Charlottesville, a college town. The difference between the two was significant.

The Ruckersville town hall had a much larger group of people that were not in favor of government run health care. This group was well informed and had obviously done their homework by at least reading parts of H.R.3200 something our representatives might want to consider. The questions were well posed and the statements to the congressman were well thought out, although people who made statements instead of asking questions were heckled. (For some reason those on the left seem to forget that one of our rights is the ability to petition our representatives:-)

Being from Greene County I was somewhat annoyed when an acquaintance acted surprised that the people at the Ruckersville event seemed to be so well informed. He meant this as a compliment and proceeded to compare the Ruckersville people to the Charlottesville group in which the majority of people supported government run health care. He was not quite as complementary about these people saying that the only thing they seemed able to do was whine about their situation, and folks that is the difference between the whiney Charlottesville intelligentsia and the average folks outside the town.

We have one group of people that want to be left alone to succeed or fail on their own and then there is this group of bed wetters that think it is the responsibility of others to take care of them. From the artist whose husband is an entrepreneur and can’t afford health insurance to the eighteen year old who claims to be independent but wants to know if she will have to get a job working in a cubical just to have insurance coverage. To the artist I say tough it out or go out and get a real job, it is not up to the state to provide you with medical coverage. To the young so called “independent” yes you just might have to get a job after college don’t look to your neighbor to provide for you.

The much larger liberal crowd in Charlottesville generally stayed away from facts and relied on feelings. There were so many sad stories, it was so depressing. Everyone else was to blame for their situation; doctors, insurance companies and government were at fault because they had gotten sick and did not have the money or insurance to get the proper care. This whining went on for hours with the occasional interruption by someone who actually wanted to be left alone and did not want any government help.

If we were to take this group of looters and put them in one state and leave them to their own devices how long would they last? With every one of them relying on the other person to take care of them would anyone get taken care of? Or would they at some point realize that they might have to do something on their own? It would be an interesting experiment. Lets’ give it a shot; Vermont has a lot of empty space.

Barney, What Planet Are You From?

August 25, 2009

If anyone has been following the news of late they cannot have missed the examples of government efficiency. I am of course speaking of the cash for clunkers program and the wonderful job the VA has done in taking care of our veterans.

Let us take a quick look at the cash for clunkers program. The government in all its wisdom decided it would be a good idea to offer people from $3500 to $4500 for their old “clunkers” as trade-ins on new more fuel efficient vehicles, cars that would get a whopping 5 miles more per gallon. To start off, the federal government had to come up with regulations for the program a 136 page book; nothing is ever simple when it comes to bureaucrats. Then once a dealer has gotten the rules down a 60 plus page form had to be filled out to get their money, again bureaucracy at its best.

Now the thinking behind this program was to accomplish two goals. The first goal was to stimulate the economy by selling cars. To me this appears to be another bailout of the auto industry and their respective unions, but that is a subject for another day. The question to ask is was the economy stimulated? I would answer no it was not and I say this for several reasons. First, car sales did spike during this period but I would wager that most of these sales would have taken place eventually and people just bought cars now as opposed to later in order to take advantage of the government’s largess. Secondly eight out of the top ten cars sold were foreign made thus benefiting other countries as much as our own. Of course as usual when it comes to government programs there are always unforeseen circumstances. In this case there were projected to be about 750,000 clunkers turned in, of those about 60% or 450,000 would have been sold to used car dealerships, typically mom and pop businesses. Destroying these operable vehicles will adversely affect these small used car dealers as well as the people who cannot afford new cars and rely on cheaper used autos for transportation.

The second goal that this administration wanted to accomplish was to reduce pollution, in particular CO2 emissions (they call it a pollutant). According to figures the 5 miles per gallon increase in mileage for all trade-ins would mean a yearly reduction in CO2 emissions of 365,000 metric tons. Sounds like a lot but the estimated yearly output of CO2 worldwide is 29.1 billion metric tons. In other words CO2 would be reduced by about one tenth of one percent. Of course this figure does not take into consideration the amount of CO2 generated in the production of these new cars which in some cases were not needed and this does not take into account the carbon dioxide generated in the destruction of the clunkers. Therefore goal number two was a failure as well.

Since health care has been a big issue in the news lately and our Congressman Tom Perriello points to the Veterans Administration as good example of a government run healthcare program, I was shocked, yes shocked to hear the news about the current VA problems. It seems that this well run example of government efficiency sent out over 1200 “death notices” to Gulf War veterans. They were notified that they had ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a neuro-muscular disease that usually kills within five years. I think that these war heroes have been through enough without terrorizing them at home with medical malpractice.

These past few years have not been banner times for VA Hospitals. Just this past month the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia revealed that 98 cancer patients were given incorrect radiation doses. This spring an investigation into botched colonoscopies which may have exposed over 10,000 veterans to HIV and other infections was begun. Then of course there was the Washington Post expose in 2007 describing the terrible conditions at Walter Reed and other VA hospitals. I agree with Perriello that our veterans deserve the best treatment available but they are not getting it, and yet this Congressman wants the same for all Americans?

These are just two examples of government “efficiency”, a clunkers program that runs out of money the first week of a three month program and a VA health care system that is failing. It would take a book to mention all the other government programs that are out of control. Are these the people that you really expect to fix our health care? To quote Barney Frank: “What planet are you from?”

Perriello Watch Video on C-SPAN

August 15, 2009

Carlisle Video’s Perriello Watch has been posted on C-Span’s Citizen Video page. Kudos to Keith Drake for his success. Check it out.

Perriello Watch Video

Three Sides of the Triangle

August 14, 2009

From what I have determined after attending two health care town halls is that there are three types of people. Two of whom show up to have their voices heard. One group is happy with the direction the government is taking and does not have a problem with relying on others to take care of them, at least with the big things; health care, retirement, education, etc. They are okay with picking their own cable company and buying their own food, at least for now. The second group is not happy with the direction of government and are more interested in personal freedom as opposed to being taken care of from cradle to grave. The third group is not even involved and have given up and the most that they will ever do is sit at home and swear at the television newscasts when things aren’t going the way they want.

Because the first group is fairly happy with the current elected officials and the direction they are taking the country and the third group is relatively uninvolved it will be up to the freedom lovers in the middle group to try harder to make the necessary changes. We can do this by continuing on the course we have chosen. It will not be easy, we have been demonized and called every name in the book by the far left and many of our elected officials. This should only make us more determined.

If we are to succeed we need to be persistent, truthful and sincere. I would guess that about a third of the citizenry, the people who are not paying a lot of attention, eventually will open their eyes. When they do we need to be in their field of vision with the light of truth. We cannot be perceived as a radical group who are just opposing this legislation because of who is proposing it. We must overcome the stigma that the left is trying to impose on us. During the twentieth century certain movements have tried to hide atrocities and failed, the left will also fail in their attempt to hide their socialist agenda.

Patriots and lovers of the Constitution must not give up in their crusade to up hold the founding fathers vision of a true Republic.

Liberals: Free Speech Is Optional

August 12, 2009

I came away from Tuesday night’s town hall with mixed feelings. I was pleased to see so many people taking advantage of their right to petition but was saddened by assaults on my rights.

The afternoon started off with myself being verbally assaulted by two people, who were there separately but felt the need to pull a tag team on me while I was being interviewed by a reporter from NPR. Now I don’t know what the liberals view is about listening in on private conversations or interrupting them but I was taught it was rude behavior. Now this has not been an isolated incident, this past spring while having lunch with my wife in a local restaurant a similar episode occurred. We happened to be discussing Bill Ayers and the person sitting at a booth behind us decided that she had a right to not only listen in on our private conversation but to contribute her views. Then to top off the moment a second individual at a another table decided that it was proper for her to also contribute her liberal views to our private conversation. What is it about tag teams in C’ville? I guess when it comes to privacy in this town if you are conservative you better be alone in a locked room if you don’t what an opinionated, rude left winger to interrupt you.

Back to Tuesday night, after the verbal assault I was able to have other conversations without being interrupted. This could be due to the fact that I responded quite strongly to the two rude libs, letting them know very loudly so everyone around could hear that I did not appreciate their obnoxious behavior. However not long after my right to privacy was violated the same thing happened to my right to free speech.

The next incident occurred inside the center. I like others on both sides had brought a couple of posters to be displayed reflecting my beliefs. I put one sign up on the stage next to posters of opposing points of view. I made sure not to block the other signs. That same right was not afforded my poster. Shortly after I had walked away someone placed there sign so as to block mine, too scattered applause of the many fist amendment critics in the audience. I went up to move the poster which was blocking mine and the owner got upset because I touched it, once again only certain people have rights. After this little dispute was settled I placed another poster up on the stage, again careful not to obstruct the views of preciously placed signs. Within three minutes someone actually placed there poster leaning up against mine in order to block it. One last time I was forced to go up and excert my first amendment rights. I very vocally let the crowd in the front row know what I thought of their assault on those rights.

These incidents and the speeches in support of government run health care that I heard during the town hall last night proved one thing to me. There are too many people on the left that are only concerned with their rights and could care less about the rights of others.

The Astroturf Is Growing in Charlottesville

August 11, 2009

Over the last few weeks we have heard how the tea party movement is staged, funded by national organizations, astroturf, racist, Timothy McVeigh wannabes and is exhibiting phony anger. Our so called representatives in Washington as well as the national media have put down this grassroots movement saying that we are a well funded mob. None of which is true.

Tonight at the Charlottesville Martin Luther King Performing Arts center I saw what real astroturf looked like. Emails were sent out by, the White House and the Democrat Party encouraging supporters to gather in Charlottesville to back government run health care and their congressman. Printed signs were shipped down from DC and people were brought in from all over the area. In addition members from SEIU (services employees international union) were there promoting the health care cause. A union that already provides health care coverage to it’s members. It was an exceptional job of organizing done by large national groups. Yet the conservative grass roots movement is accused of being run by right wing organizations and the obvious national control of the left is ignored.

Will the truth ever see the light of day?

Ruckersville Town Hall

August 11, 2009

Last night a large group of American citizens showed up at the Ruckersville Elementary School to voice their opinions both for and against government run health care. What a great country we live in, a place where opposing sides of an issue can get together and peacefully discuss such an important matter.

The first thing that was quite evident was the format change. Congressman Perriello had originally planned to have only one on one meetings at these events, due I believe to demand, he ran the first hour as an open town hall style meeting (which ended up going for 1 1/2 hours) and saved the last hour for the one on ones. For the open mic portion people were asked to get in line and were allowed to ask their questions. This worked quite well with the exception of the microphone cutting out every once in a while.

The crowd was large for a Greene County event, besides county residents there were people from Earlysville, Charlottesville and Crozet. The people were there with blue arm bands and what seemed like little patience for people who wanted to not only ask questions of the congressman but to make statements as well. Many times when a person did not start off with a question and made an opening statement they were rudely interrupted. This seemed to only happen when someone who opposed government run health care spoke.

I personally believe that these town halls are put to best use by not just asking questions but by making your beliefs heard. Our legislators are inundated with phone calls, emails and faxes, something that does not seem to catch their attention. Hence these town halls are our only real chance to be heard. To the people on the left this is known as petitioning your representatives, something guaranteed in the Constitution.

In most cases if you have been paying attention to the actions of your representatives you probably already know were they stand on many issues, these events are great for letting them know how you stand. Last night the crowd made it quite clear to Mr. Perriello that the majority of those attending did not want government interference in their health care. Out of the several hundred people at this event approximately one in eight were supporters of government health care. Of the supporters that stood to ask questions the main point that most of them brought out was that they wanted cheaper insurance. Unfortunately these people actually think that the government is going to be able to provide cheap and effective health coverage to everyone. I only have two questions for them are you new to this planet or do you know of something the government has actually done efficiently that nobody else knows about?